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Menus is up to version 4 and is in the Inform public library. See this blog post for details: … menus.html


There’s an erroneous colon on line 1073 of Menus that causes it not to compile on Inform 6M62.

otherwise: [Preference must be 'main' or 'off']:

Ha! Thanks ian.

It figures… the very first thing I discovered when I ran 6M62 was that it would no longer tolerate two colons in a row. Not that I set out to arrange colons like that, but it must be a common low-level blunder I make. I’ll fix it up.


OK, version 5 of Menus is out now and in the public library. It requires 6M62.

Basic Help Menu 4 goes with it and is also in the library

For more details, read my blog post: … 4-for.html

but for the most details, download the extensions and examine their docs.


If you foolishly fail to set the mn_master_table variable, the interpreter violently explodes. Here’s Git’s output:

*** Run-time problem P21: Attempt to look up a non-existent correspondence in the table ‘table
of pagey menus’.

*** fatal error: Out-of-bounds memory access ***

If you launch a pre-version 5 project and don’t set the new variable as per the upgrade instruction in the docs (when play begins: now mn_master_table is the table of help contents), you’ll get what you got.

People starting a new project in version 5 don’t have to do any remembering because it has a default value that’s compatible with the vanilla extension.