Measured liquid extension trouble

im having trouble with emily short’s measured liquids ext.
i read the part that said the pitcher contain 8.8 fl oz of [i forget now]
so i did the same thing, i copied and pasted the table to the prompt,
and typed it but it just created another object, this is frustrating why did it create another object…

it wasnt even in the pitcher i created,
first, it triedl the pitcher is full of and it gave me an error then the contains 8.8 fl oz went through but it created another object,

i aint sure whats wrong.
i cant post snapshots, but heres the error for the full
Problem. The sentence ‘the pitcher is full of absinthe’ appears to say two things are the same - I am reading ‘pitcher’ and ‘full of absinthe’ as two different things, and therefore it makes no sense to say that one is the other: it would be like saying that ‘Antony is Cleopatra’. It would be all right if the second thing were the name of a kind, perhaps with properties: for instance ‘Alexandria is a lighted room’ says that something called Alexandria exists and that it is a ‘room’, which is a kind I know about, combined with a property called ‘lighted’ which I also know about.

the contains one the inventory has the pitcher and right below it has the absinthe with the 8.8 fl oz but it is not inside it, its empty… this is getting annoying… [i apologize but it is if i sound off but it is]

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