Meaning and reason for your avatar?

Very late reply: though I haven’t played those games I have watched other people play them and they both have killer vibes. Limbo especially. The silhouette look is so good, and combined with the theming it gives everything this surreal, oppressive bent. It reminds me of Skinny, a Flash game that also had the silhouette look and was created by Thomas Brush. Same guy also made Coma, one of my favorite Flash games.

Rain World isn’t a very accessible game in the first place, haha. On release it got a lot of negative reviews for being unfair. For most people I’d recommend watching playthroughs of it, like this one, over actually playing it. I think Youtube videos and streams do a lot to let people experience the “vibes” of a game, even if they can’t or won’t actually play it themselves, which is why I’ve linked so many here. But I’m getting off topic.