"MAP" command to bring up an image?

Okay, after looking for two hours through documentation and the forums, I have determined that my search-fu is just very weak.

I have a game that I’ve written in Inform 7 for Glulx, and I’ve made a .png map for the game and stuck that in the materials folder. I would like for the command “Map” to display an image of this static map, that’s it, nothing fancy. (I am not worried about the map being progressive, since it’s familiar surroundings to the player.)

(I am not sure if it would just display a map in the parser with a > below, waiting for the next command or prompt for a Q /escape., but whichever is easiest. Just “map” shows you the map.) Thanks in advance!

If you don’t want to install extensions or write I6 code, the easiest way to do this is:

[code]Displaying the map is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand “map” as displaying the map.

Carry out displaying the map:
display Figure of Map.[/code]

This is the standard library behavior as described in the chapter on images: the map will appear in the main text window, followed immediately by a command prompt.

If you want to put the map in a separate window, try the Simple Graphical Window extension. (I don’t believe that extension lets you close the window, so you couldn’t open and close the map window at will–the Glulx Status Window control will allow you to close the Simple Graphical Window window.)