Lost file

im tryin to edit my game but lost the og files and had to redownload it and now it wont let me cause it says theres a lost file is there a way i can edit it with the missin file

I don’t use TADS but in general back up your project files and try reinstalling from a new downloaded copy of the program?

I hope you mean the TADS program files and not one of your project files cuz that’s more difficult.

i deleted things by mistake so i had to download the copy i uploaded

I use TADS. Are you using TADS 2 or TADS 3? Which library are you using Adv3 or Adv3lite?

Can you be more specific with the og file. I went through all of the files on my current project in TADS 3 using adv3. I was unable to find an og file.

tads 3 cause its a t3 file and i dont remember which library it was a while ago when i try it tells me i need t3-image.t

You must be compiling for the internet / html.

That appears to be an ogg / image file.

Do you have cover art or other images?

i dont remember

Try using this TADS HTML Reference. You may be able to figure out what you need to add back in. ?

i searched for t3-image.t and it didnt have it is there a way to add an image to replace this so i can open code to edit

Are you using the Windows IDE? It should open. If not just re-install the TADS application. Your source files should be in a separate folder on your Documents folder. Deleting the TADS 3 App shouldn’t delete your source files unless you have them in the same folder.

Your source file should be something like mygame.t and your project file should be something like mygame.t3m

Beyond that, I don’t know where to go.

Maybe someone else has some ideas.

If you would like to send me your source code file: mygame.t

I will see if I can make it load and edit on my computer.

i deleted the the game files by mistake not the app

Oouch. No backups?

no just realized what i did

really dumb 1 pic cant let you edit the whole thing

you can put a placeholder for this pic ? even a blank picture should allow you to restart editing, and then you can tackle the redraw of the lost pic…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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how do i do that cause i think i already tried

If you found your source code, my offer still stands to try it on my computer.

thats what im tryin to get to

i tried renamin a random pic as t3-image.t and it didnt seem to work