Looking for beta testers for an IFComp parser game

It is an adventure themed parser game created for the z-machine, there are a fair amount of puzzles, only fifteen rooms, between two and four hours play time (depending on how much scenery you examine), and the story includes a built-in hint system.

The theme is family friendly, and although you can die during the course of the story, this only happens in two locations, and if it happens, you are given the option to undo that last move and try again.

The narrative voice is in the first person, if that has any bearing on your story preference.

Reply here or PM me if you are willing to beta test, I will list you in the story credits (unless requested otherwise), and will happily play-test yours in return. :slight_smile:

Story Details

Era: 1940’s
Location: Papua New Guinea
PC profession: Archeology
Goal: Find the treasure

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Thanks to everyone who responded, I have enough testers. Cheers.