Let's Talk about Collecting Narrative Games in Libraries

Please join us for an open forum on the issues and challenges of collecting narrative games in libraries!

Libraries have long collected games released on physical media (CD-ROMs and cartridges) but are very limited in their ability to collect games distributed digitally through online storefronts or creator websites. As digital distribution is the primary means for playing narrative games, libraries are missing out on some of the best games made today.

We are conducting research to develop a licensing framework designed specifically for collecting independent-made digital games, and we want to understand the thoughts, opinions, and concerns of both librarians and game creators on this topic. We are starting this discussion with the narrative games community because of the long history of resource sharing and collaboration that has helped these games to find broad audiences. We hope to expand the community of players and creators even further by helping libraries to collect these games!

We will be holding two listening and discussion sessions held virtually on Wednesday July 12 from 7-9pm ET and Tuesday July 18 from 12-2pm ET to garner perspectives on issues critical to licensing digital games for library collections. All independent game creators are encouraged to participate; creators working in any development environment and with any level of experience are welcome. If you are not able to attend synchronously, we will be posting summary notes of the discussion on the IntFiction forum for wider community discussion.

Sign-up for the sessions will open closer to the date. Feel free to contact me (ccpost@uncg.edu) with any questions.


This is happening in association with NarraScope – Colin spoke last year and is speaking again this year on IF archiving and cataloging.

I guess it’s also happening in association with the IF Archive. :) And, you know, whoever else wants to be involved!


It is many years since I last step foot in a library, but I do often borrow books on my phone through the local library. Strange a format that is primarily digit does not readily allow that.