Let's Play The Secret of Loom

I’m just saying, if this thread goes on for a while, you’re going to have to code it too. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit early to try auto-winning with ctrl+w, so I go ahead and lawnmower a bit.

The sign and lamppost don’t appear to be selectable, but the barrel is. Bobbin says “There’s nothing in it.” I wonder whether it’s supposed to be a rain butt or an empty grog keg.

The whole night sky is selectable, though not the moon specifically.

I take from this that they didn’t include the dynamic time and weather system hinted at in the design docs I was able to stuff down my trousers before the Mouseketeers came and escorted me back out of the warehouse.

Oddly enough, Bobbin just informs me that the door is closed. There doesn’t appear to be a way to interact with it further without the Distaff.

Having run out of interactable objects here, I’ve decided to continue right again:

Unlike the window on the other side of the harbour, none of these seem selectable. So I continue through the archway:

This shows promise! But what to click on?

The staff! The staff!

This is totally awesome, btw. I was just kidding with the auto-win.


I try taking the Distaff. The citizen objected but Bobbin asked him if it belonged to him and he said no, so Bobbin said “You won’t mind if I take it then?”

I’m guessing if I’d have just talked to the Citizen then he would have refused to give me the staff. Anyway, now we have the Distaff we’ll want to find the Book of Patterns which has the full list of drafts, but until then we should listen out for drafts to play on the staff. I’m led to believe from the scraps of the design document that survived the decontamination shower, we’ll unlock new notes on our staff the more drafts we practice.

All right, if it were me I’d go back and try everything I’d already clicked before, to see if I got new results. But that might not be that interesting, so any other suggestions welcome. :slight_smile:

And hey, I’m keeping that barrel in mind. We might find a “fill” pattern.

Well that was my best idea. I’m just going to lurk until Max’s cameo appearance is revealed.

Did you have a hard time reading the “Dial-a-Weaver” code wheel with the red transparency?

Visit the Voodoo Lady!

Poke at the doors on the left. If that doesn’t work, try going off the bottom of the screen. If that doesn’t work, left?

Play “Hot Cross Buns” on the distaff.

Try clicking the clock and the parrot.


I’m thinking, could we go back to the previous screens and try “ECED” on the (Scumm Bar) door and “ECED” on the window (next to the poster)? Maybe this is still the OPEN draft!

C’mon, Joey, how long can it take to try a draft or two? I kid, of course. But this is great fun, so keep it up! Fulfil your obligation to amuse a total stranger on his lunchbreaks!

You might be waiting a long time!

Red transparency wheels are the worst: I accidentally twisted it the wrong way and it put me in a hypno-coma in which I had to answer copy-write questions and solve puzzles before I could wake up. Now I’m back, let’s try and get a bit more of this game played:

So I head left to investigate the doors. The scene pans and I can see a whole square. Every so often pirates open doors and walk here and there. When they do, the Distaff lights up in various places.

I go to investigate one of the doors, but as with the door to the Scumm Bar, Bobbin just says that it’s closed. What notes should I play for Hot Cross Buns?

I’d rather not meta-game the drafts: there must be a way in-game to find out each of the drafts. Unfortunately, the clock isn’t selectable but I can look at the parrot:

It says “Polly has a pretty voice!” and hums a tune at me! CFFB lights up on the Distaff and the parrot sparkles.

I feel like we’re getting somewhere here. What now?

Can we talk to the pirates?

“C” is the only note highlighted when a door is opened? Then we can try “CCCC”.

Maybe go through the alleyway under the clock.

Oh, right. I missed the clock. I that interactable with? What about the rat? Or the barrel that pirate’s sitting on?

As I said, the clock isn’t selectable and the doors opening play a variety of notes on the distaff. More specifically:

That’s the other three doors that pirates have opened, from left to right. I wonder what this could signify?

I try talking to the ‘pirates’ but they claim to be circus performers instead.

I try interacting with the rat but the circus performers shoo me off.

Bobbin just says that the barrel is empty, like the other barrel. I think to learn Drafts we need to interact with something capable of making a sound.

Do we still want to head down the alleyway? (Also, in future, I probably won’t have time to do so many screenshots, so if you could prioritise suggestions, that’d be fab).

“CEED” seems like a reasonable “OPEN” draft. We can move on through the archway, or go back to the Scumm Bar and try to open the door. Or try to open the window next to the poster.

Or try to open the guy with the parrot, thus caushing him to “flash”, thus causing him to be arrested, thus punishing him for being so possessive about our staff in the first place.

By the way, are NONE of the doors in this area go-through-able?

All of the doors are listed as ‘closed’. Perhaps if we had a working draft…

I try CEED but it doesn’t do anything. Are you sure you got all four opening doors in the right order?