Let's Play The Secret of Loom

From the manual:

This is the first screen:

I’m led to believe from a short cut-scene that Bobbin has been stranded on this island after being warped by chaos while in the form of a bird. The manual mentions a Distaff and Book of Patterns that need to be found. We can move around and look at things, but that seems to be the full range of interaction.

[size=150]Suggestions on what to do next would be greatly appreciated![/size]

Look behind you! A three headed monkey!

I’m old enuf to fail NOT for these things :stuck_out_tongue:

You may be confusing this with a different game. In 1990, Brian Moriarty worked with Ron Gilbert on a sequel to the popular Loom game. This sequel was completed but due to licensing issues with the Weaver’s Guild it had to be remade as the pirate game, The Secret of Monkey Island. The original, The Secret of Loom lay mouldering in the back archives of Lucasfilms until their recent buy-out by Disney, in which all the stock was moved to Disney’s secret warehouse in Arizona. In my role as an Aldous Huxley biographer, I was admitted entrance into Disney’s warehouse in order to hunt down Aldous Huxley’s original film script for Alice in Wonderland, which Walt himself dismissed as too prolix, saying that he only understood one word in three. While browsing the stacks, I found the last copy of The Secret of Loom, which I’m sharing with you today.

So should I head left or right from here?

Aw, right.

Press Ctrl+C to open up the dialogue box.

I am totally buying into this :smiley:

Left! Left!

Examine the mysterious hooded figure.

Ctrl+C doesn’t seem to do anything. I think all interaction is mouse based. I can’t examine the mysterious hooded figure as I am the mysterious hooded figure! But I can go left:

I tried to go left even further, but Bobbin says he saw his Distaff and Book of Patterns fall into the town when he did, and he doesn’t want to leave town without them.

Click on the poster! Perchance we can examine it closer.

Oooooooh, I’m SO playing this.

I don’t suppose you could rip the music and share? :unamused:

Look through the window.

Spit at a seagull.

So, when do we get to meet the “Ask Me About Zac McMansion and the Fate of the Tentacle” guy?

Rip off the poster! It might come in useful or be hiding something!

I thought we could only click?.. it’s P&C without verbs, not IF…

Wait, wait, are we playing the purported ‘original beta’ version (assuming that ever existed in the shape suggested by Moriarty’s vague recollections), or is this the clumsy interface overhaul made after the lead devs quit the project in exasperation?

Well, maybe if we click-hold we can verify that. If a verb coin pops up, it’s definitly a clumsy overhaul.

As far as I can tell, it’s single-click interaction with objects. This usually prompts an examine, but sometimes acts like use. I suspect greater interaction will be enabled once we find our Distaff and start collecting Drafts.

The poster reads:

I can’t appear to take it or move the poster (without using a draft); there doesn’t appear to be an inventory in this game.

I didn’t expect to be able to select the window, but I could. Curiously, instead of looking through, Bobbin just says that the window is closed.

As I’ve run out of interactable objects on this screen, I’ve decided to head right:

What now?

Well, we might as well lawnmower a bit (I know I do when I play graphical adventures). Items of interest seem to be the barrel (look inside?), the lamp. the sign, and the door (open and go in?).

Also, just to see how detailed the implementation was, we might try to click on the moon. :slight_smile:

Have you tried Ctrl+W?