Journey to Ultimate Fightdown Questions/Comments/Etc.!

Hi everyone! First off, I just want to say, if this post is in any way offensive/inappropriate/uncool/etc., let me know and I’ll happily take it down. I entered Spring Thing specifically in hopes of finding a community like this, and while I sometimes miss social cues, I long to be a positive contributor to this site!

So, for Long Boring Reasons, I didn’t provide any sort of walkthrough or hints for Journey to Ultimate Fightdown (besides the ones provided in-game), however, if at any point anyone has any questions, comments, anything they’d like an answer from me about, feel free to ask it here! I don’t believe in TMI and can be a bit of a rambler, but if that sounds good, I’ll happily tell you anything you’d like. :grin:

Also, once ribbon nominations close (because that seems like the appropriate time?), I’m planning on posting a post-mortem of the game here-- even this early in the festival, I’ve already learned so much participating in this process!


I have a question! Some of the hints imply there are more endings than just giving the corwn to someone. Do you have any tips on achieving those endings?

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Yeah, that took me a while. You have to find Jimmy (and, more explicit spoiler, which character is secretly Jimmy). Then a bunch more options open up based on which items you give which characters.

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Yeah, the solutions ended up being WAY harder than intended. :stuck_out_tongue: There are currently a few different ways to see an ending, I’m going to label them individually and then spoiler tag the descriptions so people can choose if they want to view one/all.

Crown of Agency Endings

So this is the most obvious one people will be able to find, but I figured if I was making a list, I’d make it complete. :stuck_out_tongue: When trading items, Tommy can offer any character the Crown of Agency. Offer it a second time, and they’ll accept it, and then that character will take control, and perform their dream ending. These endings are also the most linear, unaffected by other items.

Find Jimmy Ending

Once the power goes out, if Tommy talks to Sean/Baddius, Jacquie/Princess Prettyprize, or Max/Lackey Two, they’ll mention that if Tommy wants to fix the connection, he should find a PA named Jimmy. Once Tommy knows about Jimmy and can gossip about him, talk to Washie/the washing machine, and ask him about Jimmy to learn Jimmy’s secret. Upon learning Jimmy’s secret, Washie’s menu will gain the ability to ask him about the connection, which will allow you to restore the connection and see an ending. At this point, the player can decide if they want to take steps towards a fulfillment ending, a passive aggressive ending, or a rage ending.

Sense of Purpose Ending

As you wander around trading items with characters, you can trade with Casey/Lackey One to get their Sense of Purpose. If Tommy then trades the Sense of Purpose to Washie, it will cause his programming to reboot and restore him to his factory settings. He will immediately start following orders again, and the ending will restart immediately.

Fulfillment Endings

A little north of Tommy/Manley DuGood’s starting position is a cluster of trees. By these trees, Tommy can find Theodore/Boyle Fine, and swap items with him to get his energy drink. Then go to your inventory and use the energy drink. In his clumsiness, instead of drinking the energy drink, Tommy will spill it all over his shirt trying to open it. Head south to Washie/the washing machine, and give him the soiled shirt to wash it. Satisfied, Washie will be able to figure out how to restore the connection, and the game can end consequence-free… well, free of Washie related consequences, anyway.

Passive Aggressive Endings

If you follow the steps in the Find Jimmy Ending section, you can restart the connection without fulfilling Washie’s quest. If you try this, he will restart the connection as normal, but once the ending is complete, he will “accidentally” unleash a post-credits twist he worked out with his friend Riley/The Mysterious Stranger. The type of twist is determined by what items Riley is holding, and for a small number of items, Riley may deviate from what they planned with Washie.

Rage Endings

Washie’s been very clear-- if something gets dirty, he gets to wash it. It’s all he wants! However, it is possible to end the game by creating the Soiled Shirt, but never giving it to Washie. (There’s also a way to re-soil the clean shirt once it’s been cleaned, which I’ll discuss in the specialty endings/scenarios below.) If a soiled shirt is brought into the ending, then after the credits, Washie will appear for his own post-credits twist, and will inflict destruction and mayhem upon the characters present himself, themed around whatever item he holds at the time.

And if you really want to dig… some specialty endings/scenarios!

Wash Multiple Items

Once you’ve obtained the Clean Shirt, you can get it dirty again as many times as you’d like. (Whether you wash it again after is up to you!) Here’s what you’ve got to do: talk to Max/Lackey Two, and ask him what he thinks about Sean/Baddius. Then, go and talk to Sean/Baddius. At this point, Sean cannot have the menacing cloak, and either Tommy or Sean must have the clean shirt. Then, talk to Sean about Max/Lackey Two, and share with him what Max said. Sean will take care of the rest.

Beddybye Baddius

The energy drink, as a means to a solution, is one of the most powerful offstage items. And yet, it is also one of the most powerful on-screen as well! In all of the different combinations the player can have heading into The Ultimate Fightdown, it can result in three types of Fightdowns: a battle, in which characters fight in the name of an overarching theme, an Instawin, where one side of the battle has no one representing it, or a Showdown, in which a fight could’ve been avoided but continues solely to duke out a personal grievance. All of the showdowns, and most of the instawins, are caused by giving the energy drink to Sean/Baddius before restoring the connection.


So, spoiler alert for the coming post-mortem, but-- I hate the use function as I currently have it implemented. One of the problems is in the first go-around, the energy drink was the only item that changed from being used. I realized WAY TOO LATE (mostly due to its game jam origins) what a flaw this was, and as the smallest patch job, added a second item that transforms from being used. This is the abandoned pants players can get from Washie, which if used, turns into the mysterious note! If any player but Tommy is in the ending, and has the mysterious note, and there’s a twist, they will nervously blurt out their secret for all the world to see. If there’s a Riley led twist, and they have the mysterious note, they will explain their firing and theories behind it in more detail. If there’s a Washie led twist, and he has the mysterious note, he will reveal all of the secrets of the characters present on-screen. Having Tommy on-screen while Washie reveals secrets is the ONLY way to discover Tommy’s secret. And my absolute favorite dumb joke in the entire game is the consequences of what happens if Casey/Lackey One’s secret is revealed.


So, the question of “how many endings?” is a hard one to answer, because of the way that the endings are actually set up. As the ending restarts, each character has a chance to contribute, according to the item (or items, in Tommy’s case) they’re holding, or based on reacting to an action of a character who performed before them. Some items just cause small flavor text changes, while others can cause loyalty changes, declarations of love/hate, promotions, quitting, etc. Regardless of how small or big these changes are for an individual character, in terms of the ending of the game-within-a-game, there are 19 different scenarios that can be arrived at through various combinations. I’ll list them below.

Scenario List Mentioned Above
  1. Betrayal - all of the lackies defect away from the evil side leader
  2. Boy’s Club - Baddius, Manley DuGood, and Boyle Fine team up for an evil instawin
  3. Classic - a classic tale of good vs. evil
  4. Defeat Mediocracy - characters who feel overqualified take on characters they feel failed their way up the ladder
  5. Evil Takeover - Evil achieves an instawin
  6. Girl Power - Princess Prettyprize takes on the evildoers herself
  7. Good Sucks - Evil instawins because the good representative defects
  8. Hero Sucks - Evil instawins due to Manley DuGood’s mistakes, and Baddius, Boyle Fine, and Princess Prettyprize all mock him
  9. Killer Queen - Princess Prettyprize turns evil and takes on the good side herself
  10. Pacifist Win - good side instawins
  11. Power of Friendship - good side believes they will prevail because they are good friends
  12. Power of Love - lovers believe they will prevail because they are lovers
  13. Sibling Spat - Manley DuGood and Boyle Fine start fighting like brothers
  14. Student Betrayal - Boyle Fine betrays his mentor, Manley DuGood
  15. Sudden Commitment - Manley DuGood defects to evil, and then instantly gains control and responsibility for the entire operation
  16. Throne Usurpers - non-royalty battles royalty for control
  17. Turncoat Mentor - Manley DuGood betrays his pupil, Boyle Fine
  18. Underdog - the good representative is strongly outflanked by evil going into battle
  19. Workers Revolt - lackies team up to fight back against main characters

Currently, all of the endings have both a succeed post-battle finish, and a loss post-battle finish (besides the ones that came from instawins.) I know that not all of the endings can go both ways, but it was MUCH easier to write both versions than to figure out all the possible calculations to figure out which ones needed both and which ones didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just played around a bit in this game and I find it very interesting. What starts out as a pretty simple way of mocking RPG and Hollywood Dream clichés soon gets a lot more serious and engaging.

It’s great to see here that the game itself (puzzlesolving, finding endings) is going to be more challenging than it seems at first.

I’m going to restart and play for real tomorrow.

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Just a head’s up to anyone here: I’ll be putting up a new build sometime later this evening (US East Coast time, for reference.) The downside is, this will wipe your playthroughs and earned bonuses on the online version. On the upside, less bugs!!!

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All right, took a little longer than expected, but new build is up!

Also, I just want to take a moment and say how much I appreciate everyone here, and what a wonderful time I’ve been having participating in Spring Thing. Thanks to feedback given by @JoshGrams, @mathbrush, and @rovarsson, I already have some ideas for some bigger exciting changes I plan to implement when Spring Thing is over… I can’t wait to share with you all the new cool stuff you’ve inspired :grin: