Jam/Competition Pipeline

Just curious if there are any competitions or jams coming up that aren’t listed yet on the IFWiki.org calendar.

Also, how widely used is IFWiki’s calendar amongst all the IF stuff going on around the internet? What other places should I be looking at that promote Twine-like games?


The Neo Interactive peeps have an event every month until the end of the year, but we are waiting until each event has ended before announcing them.

After Locus Jam is done, there will be the Neo Twiny Jam like last year.

But most jam/comps are not on the IFWiki until it’s announced again (and a new event page is created). Cause you never know :woman_shrugging: might not happen.


It’d be cool if there were a way to link our calendar and IFWikis so they were in sync. Probably not an easy thing anyone would want to work on.

I understand ours is a little obscure to locate the mechanism and it’s a bit confusing until you’ve done it once to know how it works and what settings you really don’t need.

If you want to put an event on the calendar here, you create a message for it. There’s a calendar widget under the gear and dialog that will help you generate code to put in the body of your message that connects it with the events calendar automatically. Event/Calendar code has to be in the original post of a topic. Topics with events attached will also show a relative time in the message list:

Screen Shot 2024-05-14 at 12.25.57 PM