Itch browser save disruption in next few months

Itch just posted that they’re having to switch providers for some of their game hosting (sometime in the next 90 days, more specific timeline not known yet). When this happens, it’ll cause you to lose your browser saves for games on itch, since your browser will have them attached to the old location and not the new one.

So if you’re playing long IF pieces on you might want to try and finish them up, or see if there’s a download-save-file option (I think recent versions of SugarCube provide this…).


Maybe we could publish a fake game where people could easily export in a file the contents of their localStorage and then restore it by uploading the file when the domain is effectively changed.

Since the localStorage is shared by all games on itch, you would need to do it only once to save all games at once.


…huh. That would actually be trivial to do, wouldn’t it? Nice catch!

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Trivial indeed, it’s done:

There’s room for improvements but that’s for another day:
EDIT: Most of it is now done.

  • explain what it does
  • link to itch’s announcement
  • check the storage is not empty
  • check if the domain has changed and update the page
  • maybe more HTML, there isn’t even a <body> in it :rofl:
  • check for conflicts with existing data on export
  • check mobile compatibility

Little update on the timeline (from a comment on the same article):

Our existing CDN provider will be completely shut down by end of November. We will be migrating before then. I still don’t have the exact date at this time, but should be in the coming weeks as we’ve just started testing the new integration.


The migration has now happened – they posted to the thread on 17 Nov to say so, and I’ve just noticed the domain for the first time while employing my usual cookie workaround.

(So it’s too late to use @CrocMiam’s fine tool to export old save data, as it will tell you itself.)


To late to export indeed, but the perfect time to import! I hope you kept that json file :wink:

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