Introducing Ourselves

Hello all. I’m George, generally going by BadSpaceKing professionally. Mid-30s guy existing in the UK.

I’ve always had a love of narrative games, from old-school CRPGs to CYOA books (I played/read a lot of Lone Wolf, amongst others). That led to studying such things academically, as well as experimenting with my own creations, with many misfires and wrong turns along the way. A bit of lecturing and research too. Obviously these aren’t skills wanted by the job market, so I drifted in and out of employment for a while until finally taking up solo game development and streaming.

I was kinda aware of the IF scene from my university days but given that I’ve just released a Twine game… here I be.


Hey all,

I’m lnmmnl (liminal), a 20-something in Australia that’s been reading IF for sometime and writing for another vague amount of time. I’m qualified in areas I’ll never work and looking to write a whole lot about them.

Pretty new to the this side of the IF online community. STARFISHER is my first and currently only published short story/game. Still a bunch to learn on both coding and writing fronts, but we’ll see where this takes me.


@BadSpaceKing @lnmmnl

Hello and welcome! I hope I see you around the forum again.

(This a hard time right now, with one of our main users - who is one of the reasons I have stayed such a regular user on this forum, although the forum is great otherwise - having just been in a serious accident a couple or so of hours ago.)

Nevertheless, it’s good to see a new face! I look forward to playing new games from you guys. :grin:


Super belated but hiiii!




Hi! My name is Treesong. I’m an author living in Carbondale, Southern Illinois, USA.

I’ve been reading interactive fiction off and on for a long time. I started with CYOA as a child and will occasionally seek out digital IF now as an adult.

I’m mostly joining here now because I’m working on a new IF writing project! I wrote and published one standalone IF story a couple of years ago. Now I’m working on a site where I and other authors can write IF with climate change themes.


Welcome! Glad to have you.

I like the idea of your site, narrowing the focus to Climate Change themed IF. Maybe you’ve read this one from the 2023 IFComp: Tricks of light in the forest - Details (


I hadn’t seen that one yet. I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks!


Whenever I read your username (@Treesong ) I must think about Treebeard! :slight_smile: What, there’s someone out there who doesn’t know this? It’s a “tree shepherd” (ent) from “The Lord of the Rings”.


Hi, I am Ulfar. I’m a computer person who likes literature (enough to get a graduate minor in English), as well as trashy sci-fi and fantasy.

I have had a near life-long love affair with IF, starting in the early Eighties when I saw Deadline on an Apple II. I was fortunate enough to get to play all of the subsequent Infocom games as they came out, up to Zork Zero, and that’s the most fun I’ve ever had playing computer games (i.e., I’m not a big shoot-em-up gamer).

I’m joining the forum because I’m interested in revisiting some of the old games with the help of modern LLM technology. I’ll post separately about that.


Welcome Ulfar!

There’s a good amount of discussion going on about the use, advantages and disadvantages, compatibility, of LLMs for IF. Writing, testing, programming, augmenting the parser, … Looking forward to see your thoughts and experiments.


There’s also a lot of new IF that carries on the old text adventure traditions, so you have a bevy of new Infocom-ish games every year.

And welcome!