Introducing Ourselves


Your timing is a little off, you just missed the Recipe Jam. (Recipe Jam - Details (

But adding things like the creole quail to the recipe thread is just as appreciated.


Hello everyone!

Back in the day I played Zork 1,2 & 3 and Deadline on my little Commodore 64. They inspired me to program games & stuff in Basic, all terrible of course.

Over the last few months I’ve written a game with Inform 7 called ‘Lulu and the Asteroid of 100% Guaranteed Doom’. I look forward to hanging out and writing more games with you all! Thanks for having me.


Hi Zeth!

It’s always nice to see new faces. I’ll also look forward to seeing you around!

I wanted to make a joke about 100% doom, but I can’t think of one… Back me up here everyone! :joy:


Hi Zeth,

Welcome. I look forward to Lulu once it gets out of beta.


It’s said that the game DOOM can run on anything… so maybe we’re all surrounded by Appliances of 100% Guaranteed DOOM? :wink:


hello! i’m mo (they/them). i’ve been idly playing bits of if here and there for years, as well as tinkering with twine in my spare time, but i’ve only lately begun spending more time on it and interacting with the community. it feels a bit like i’m doing things backwards (submitted a game to this year’s spring thing, and then subsequently discovered the existence of this forum and had a moment of Oh Wait Lots Of People Talk About This Stuff!) but i’m happy to be here. i haven’t been on a forum in years, so i’ll probably be wandering about getting lost for a bit. :smile:


Oh, so you’re the author of that Aubrey and Valentine game? Well, come on in! There will be people to guide you around, don’t worry!


I had a similar experience last year, only joining the forum and realizing the extent of the community after entering Spring Thing, so you’re not alone!


I’ve started posting rather recently and I’m now one of the many contributors who enjoy talking about This Stuff.

Welcome to the Lots of People Talk About This Stuff club!


Hi everyone!

I’m Anais, and I’ve recently been introduced to writing IF. (Before I mainly wrote longform fiction.) I’ve participated in Introcomp 2023 with @Draconis, which has recently been finished and entered into the Spring Thing. The work is called Loose Ends, and for those who look into it, I hope you enjoy!

I’ll probably be a bit of a lurker, but I look forward to meeting everyone.


Hello and welcome! Glad to see you here!

I’ll get you added to the Spring Thing Authors group asap!


Welcome Anais!

Slowly working my way through the SpringThing games. I’m eager to play Loose Ends. From the quick look-see I did, it looks promising.

Enjoy your time here, lurking or talking.


For a second, I thought you wrote “stalking”… and I’m like, you should let the craziness of this community unfold naturally. You can’t be scaring off new members so quickly, Rovarsson. Let them discover the wicked underbelly of intfiction on their own. :wink:


Hi all! Yet another Spring Thing migrant here. I tend to get my IF from itch and Steam so I had zero idea this forum existed until Brian linked to it, but I’m very happy to have found you all! @Trollkonst and I submitted our game Alltarach and the reviews here have seriously been giving us life.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you lovely people!


Welcome Katie!

I enjoyed Brid’s adventure a lot, and I found the historical setting very interesting.

Hope to see more of your games, and looking forward to seeing your contributions to the forum discussion (and silliness).

Best wishes,



I forgot to introduce myself!
As @AnMhuicin said, I’m the other half of the Alltarach duo. I’ve also released a short Game Boy game called Trollmother that is in dire need of an update.

I love the vibe on this forum.


----Oh! Right… We were going to keep the buckets of blood and the teddybear sacrifices in the Lounge… Sorry…----


Hello, I am completely new to this scene, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted to a forum.

I am Laurel, a student and aspiring intfiction writer. I am currently going to school for this as a major, and I am eager to learn and connect with people as much as possible.

I was raised on video games with in-depth stories. My siblings are both older than me by a significant margin, and I’ve always been fascinated by the games they would play. I distinctly remember stealing my sibling’s copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening and never giving it back. I adore stories that really get into the emotional state that the characters are in, and being able to connect with these ideas through games or other interactive means is (my personal belief) the best way to communicate a story. With technology only getting better, these narratives can become more immersive than anything before, and I adore it.

I write creatively as a hobby for now, but as I go through my schooling I will have to do so far more intensely, and the thought is exciting rather than terrifying.

I’d love to talk about narratives and the philosophy behind creating an interactive story. The theory and the application are both equally fascinating to me, and I’m so eager to step into the world of interactive fiction.


Hey, welcome to the forum!

That’s really cool that there’s a major in Interactive Narrative. Hope you are happy in Intfiction, no matter which coding language you decide to go with! :wink:

There’s also a lot of content on theory and so. You can read the (slowly being added) pages of the Rosebush magazine (I can’t remember the link, but it’s really cool and recently begun!) and make polls and browse on .


Here :wink:

I also recommend the IF Wiki