Introducing Ourselves

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The last time we all fought about what a “parser” game is, and some choice-game people kept going “Nuh-uh, Twine can do that too!” in response to everything, I floated the much scorned idea that “A parser game can reject the player’s input. A hyperlink/choice game cannot.”

Nuh-uh! All I have to do is put in some if/then statements and then…


Hello, everyone. I’ve been lurking around a bit, and I figured the thing to do would be to register and say hi.

Let’s see… who am I?

28 and Canadian. First really got into IF in undergrad - must have been around 2007 - though I seem to recall noodling around with some IF when I was much younger, too. Been silently plugging away as an IFComp judge since getting into the genre, without any real interaction with the community beyond my ballot. Actually, until pretty recently, I thought that the old newsgroups were still the hub of community in IF, and seeing next to no activity there, I figured there was no community. Imagine my surprise when I found out there was a forum…

Anywho, that’s me. Heya, all!


Hi! I’m Chris, 23, and work in the mobile game production industry. I’ve been interested in IF for a while and I’m currently looking to create and/or produce an IF game as one of our next projects.


Hey there,

My real name is Harry Hol, age 42, living in the Netherlands.

In real-life I work as a freelance writer, with one published novel under my belt.

I was part of the IF community a long, long time ago. My one and only completed game is Dutch Dapper IV, The Final Voyage ( ) and I have fond memories of writing it and have it tested by members of the IF Usenet group.

Recently I was overwhelmed by waves of nostalgia and was thrilled to find that IFComp is still running. I can’t wait to dive back into worlds of text, even though I doubt I have the time or skill to code a new game myself. But who knows.

Hope to see you around on the boards and I am looking forward to playing all those fantastic new games you folks have crafted.

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Hey, Dutch Dapper! It’s a solid, enjoyable game, and here’s hoping you find the time to write some more!


Thank you :slight_smile: I hadn’t expected anyone here to even remember it :slight_smile:



My name is Jen and I am currently working on an Interactive Novel titled, “Sentient”. I just came up with the concept last year and we premiered the first Season October 2015. I have yet to find interactive fiction that is similar to what I am doing, so any feedback or information about what others are doing is appreciated. A little bit about me: I currently work part-time as a social worker and am also starting a business as a Holistic Health Coach. My goal is to make enough $$ to spend more time on my Interactive Novel project. I am also finishing up my first full-length novel and have written poetry and shorter fiction since I was a child.

My interactive novel operates like this: I write “episodes”, which are shorter, less edited versions of chapters of a novel, and post them on my website @, once per week. I describe it like a literary tv show. We have seasons, and episodes once a week, and at the end of each episode, our fans vote between two options as to what they’d like to see happen next. We have about 10 fans starting out in this first Season. It is very interactive in that the fans are participating (for free) in the development of a full-length novel. All the choices the fans make on the story line will then be written into a full-length novel.
We have a Facebook fan page, Twitter, and a Patreon site for those that want to pay for extra perks. I have an artist that does illustrations, an editor, a web developer, and an event coordinator on my team. We host regular events throughout the year where our fans can come together to discuss the plot. The goal is to develop a community of fans who come together to help create this novel, and also to get them involved in activism, as the story challenges people to think about our food system and what is happening in our society.

Without being too wordy, in essence, it’s my way of bringing community and creativity together.

Glad to have found this forum and hope to meet similar writers.



Hello! I should probably introduce myself here - I’m back writing IF after a long hiatus. My previous works are “Hamlet” and “Aunts and Butlers”, which you can play on my site at

I’m also the author of, as far as I know, the only playable Inform 7 meta-sonnet:

I usually write using my own Javascript engine, “Versificator”, which I wrote along with “Hamlet” to see if I could do it. I’m well aware that it’s not as good as Tads/Inform but I like having instant online playability, and I flatter myself that it’s among the less sucky homebrew systems - it does support multi-level undo, and save/restore with cookies (localStorage in the development version.) I’m a much better programmer than I was when I wrote it in 2003 so it’s currently getting a much-needed overhaul for my game-in-progress. I also have vague plans for a mobile-oriented parserless mini-game system that may get written sooner or later.

My favourite IF games are Trinity, Hitchhiker’s, Bureaucracy, Brain Guzzlers from Beyond, and Graham Cluley’s “Jaccaranda Jim” and “Humbug” - those last two were the first games I played that showed me text adventures could be funny.

My next game is coming along nicely and I might put in the 2016 Spring Thing, depending on how the timing works out.


A playable sonnet! How wonderful! I feel like this should be some kind of Challenge for Inform students and masters alike to undertake.

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To those who haven’t seen Versificator in action yet, it really is a very good parser. It fools you into thinking it might be Inform, or TADS.

EDIT - Dear God. A quote from Neil Gaiman. Dude. Duuuuuuude. You’re like a rock star.

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Where has AUNTS AND BUTLERS been all my life??

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For a small part of it, in my collection. :smiley:



I’m Darlarosa, early twenties. I usually write traditional fiction, but have always loved interactive fiction and narratively driven video games, so I thought I’d get more involved with IF and the IF community.
I have made one story thus far and put it online, but it’s always hard to know what’s successful or not, so I’m hoping to learn more.


Hi there! Didn’t see this thread until now, so may as well introduce myself.

At any rate, it was Colossal Cave Adventure and Mystery Mansion (especially) that got me interested in computer programming back in the 70’s. I was lucky enough to have had mainframe access from time to time as my father was a Hewlett Packard instructor. So I’d hop on the mainframe and play these off an HP 1000 whenever I was lucky enough to get invited to my dad’s workplace to do this. Tried learning fortran back then to make my own text adventure (called Vent - sort for Adventure) but it never got to completion. Since then I’ve made lots of hobby IF-games. Most notably on TF-Games site under a different handle. I’m trying to get away from that “weird” adult content stuff now and write IF games built for bigger/general audiences instead. Mainly because I don’t like the cloak and dagger stuff of hiding behind a fake handle anymore and want to create something bigger and better than the weird, dark dusty corners those TF-games wind up in, lost and seldom known or heard about.

You’ll see nods to Mystery Mansion in many of my projects. Anyhow, I’m trying to write up a Tads 3 or Inform 7 game this year (and/or both) and see where that goes.

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Ladys and Gentlemen,
My names is James Purcell, I am 165 years old, I come from Ireland, but live in England, I am a former Captian of the Airship Æther Shadow and am Half werewolf, half Kitsune.
I write a combination of historical fantasy, normal fantasy and scifi.


Hello everyone,

I’ve been here for a while, actually, on-and-off lurking and playing your games from the shadows. I’ve been a lowkey author of interactive fiction myself, and am in the process of polishing up things to present. I realize I’ve never formally introduced myself, so here it is! I currently live in Japan, but I’m planning to return to the States this year. These past two years in Japan have been a creative sabbatical for me, and I’ve been working on my art, writing, and music. You can check out my online portfolio at the link in my signature. I usually hang out on ifMUD, so if you see me there, say hello!


I have also been here for a while. I am #20071 on ifMUD, have done some Z-machine related stuff, as well as other computer programming, and I also play Dungeons&Dragons game. I live at Canada. I currently use a Linux computer system (it is much better than the Windows I used to have).


Hi everyone :smiley:

My name is Kevin Snow. I run the art collective Bravemule, and we made the Twine games The Domovoi and Beneath Floes. I’m the writer, director, and narrative designer.

Those two games are closer to hypertext than IF (or more like “dynamic fiction,” which is a term I’ve seen used lately), but our third game Southern Monsters is much longer and has more traditional game mechanics. So I’m trying to make more in-roads to the IF community (I’ve spent the last six months reading almost every extant essay written on IF from 2000-2015, which has been a great aid to my narrative design knowledge) and I figured I’d start by registering here. Really excited to look around and see what I can contribute to such a creative community.

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Hey, I remember Beneath Floes (and I play so many games that when I remember one, there’s usually good reason). I enjoyed it. I’ll be watching out for your games - and kudos for providing links to downloadable versions! Cheers!


Hello! My name is Ronni, though I also go Kenna (thus the confusing screenname), and I’m completely new to IF. I’ve been trying to play more games this year but got sidetracked by school (I’m 24, graduating college this year), so I’m hoping that being here on the forums will help me immerse myself in IF more.