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If it makes you feel better, I don’t think there’s a single Infocom game I solved without InvisiClues (though I came late enough to the game that I didn’t have to buy them, hehehe). I came close on a few, and I treasure those highly - but it’s like there was always ONE puzzle at least which I just COULDN’T figure out!

Hmmm, no, I tell a lie. I think I did Infidel on my own. I hope I wasn’t so dumb that I needed InvisiClues for Moonmist.


[size=200]did you know about the size thing yet?[/size]

and I asked about the sandwhich because you mentioned it and if IF has taught me anything it’s to CHECK ALL THE THINGS so what kind of peppers? Are they safe for humans but dangerous to ogres such as the one guarding the key to the cage that holds the talking duck that knows the secret to everlasting life?


Put me down for a copy of any game you write!


Ha – you can play one of Wes Lesley’s games now in the 2015 IF Comp. Just played it this week. It’s great!


Thanks, Cressida, I am now registered and can rate the 2015 IFComp Games, including: “The King and the Crown” by Wes Lesley. Oh, the power!

They were jalapeño peppers that I pickled myself, though I only made a quart, not a full peck.

Lucky you. I paid $9.95 per InvisiClues[sup]TM[/sup] booklet back in the day, and the answers, once revealed, fade over time so there’s no reusing them.

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That’s all right, your name is Rick. Yours is not the pecking burden - mine is.

On unrelated news, I’ve misplaced by pipe and would be very interested to know where it’s gone.



Methinks someone was teased with a Mother Goose rhyme in his formative years.

(Peter Piers) #668

Try “Roberta William’s Mixed-Up Mother Goose”. :slight_smile:


OH YEAH, I remember that! From Sierra, the people that brought us “Leisure Suit Larry”, etc.

(Peter Piers) #670

You jumped straight from Mother Goose to Leisure Suit Larry, huh? Iiiinteresting.

Nah, just kidding. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but there was an even more risqué game than LSL, and Roberta posed for the cover shot after retiring from Sierra. I didn’t post that cover or even mention its title in my previous post. See? I have a certain amount of restraint. Ha.

(Peter Piers) #672

Bah. Softporn is merely the precursor to LSL. You jumped straight to the GRAPHIC one. Your restraint is… poorly restrained.

EDIT - I’d encourage you not to encourage me too much. I can go on all day.

EDIT 2 - “After retiring”? Methinks we’re not talking about the same game!


Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.

(Daniel Stelzer) #674

Just wait until he gets going!

(Peter Piers) #675

More like a mouth that can’t be tied shut for love nor money, but hey, isn’t that dizzying in its own right?

…actually, I might be able to tie my mouth shut for love or money.

…don’t suppose there are any takers?..

(Merlin Fisher) #676


… Wait, now I’m conceiving it.

… Not like that, get your mind outta the gutter.

(Peter Piers) #677

(there was an attempt to be humorous here. I removed it because I was making a very embarassing mistake. So it’s gone now)

(matt w) #678

Au contraire: Roberta Williams posed for the cover shot a long time before retiring from Sierra–that game was from the early 80s and she was with Sierra at least through the 90s.

(Hat tip the invaluable Digital Antiquarian… well, that doesn’t actually contain most of the information I just cited but it does contain the cover, and anyway, now you know about the invaluable Digital Antiquarian.)

…oh, Peter already said that.


@Draconis - first to get the reference, wow, you are good. Merlin, too.

@Matt W: You and Peter are right, I am wrong. My bad. Head hung low… :frowning:

(Ellis Dee) #680

Hi Folks, Just thought I would pop in and say Hi! I’m getting started in writing Inform 7. Having grown up playing the original Infocom games, I thought it would be great fun to write one myself. My favorites were the Zork series, Sorcerer, Enchanter, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. My friends and I would play the King’s Quest and Space Quest (Sierra On-Line games) but I always enjoyed the text-only adventures. The Infocom parser was more like natural-language than the Sierra On-Line two-word parser.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum… The anti-spam question on the Registration Page asked me:
“What comes after 4th Grade?”

My answer was of course, “Summer” which the system apparently did not anticipate.

I guess that’s one of the funny things about Interactive Fiction… you can never really anticipate how the User will play the game. Sometimes they will come up with an answer that is technically correct, but different than one you expected. I’m glad to see there is a section on the IF forum for Play Testing, because I think this will really come in handy.