Introducing Ourselves


Howdy, what a cool resource. Name’s Gard Skinner, I wrote GAME SLAVES from Harcourt.

I’ve been in tech for a long time and recently bit off learning Unity, stumbled on the Fungus plugin, stretched it to some cool limits, and am going to launch an Android/iOS game (somewhat like Lifeline, but with graphics and pressure decisions) in June.

I’ve got a site at and the Twitter is @quatloogames

Has anyone used Fungus? I’m looking forward to digging around in here, thanks again,




Math assistant professor from Russia, 32, been voting in IFComp since 2006.
Mainly a parser games fan, but gradually thawing to Twine etc.



Dabbling in text adventures for years, although emphasis on dabbling. Wrote the probably unknown “Creative Adventure game Writer” for PC and Atari St based off another magazine authoring tool but more recently just getting back into things. To help with this, I have just written and published “IFMapper” in Google Play to map things. See forum post elsewhere if approved.




I’m thinking of entering into IFcomp 2016 and since I’m still fairly new at the whole interactive fiction thing, I figured I should get to know the community so I’m not coming right out of nowhere. I’m a cartoonist from Sweden and aficionado of fictional talking animals. I’m a former student of biology and I’ve lived not too far from the polar circle.

I primarily use Twine to make choice-based game set in a universe of my own creation inspired in equal parts by Ursula Le Guin, Failbetter Games and My Little Pony. So far, I’ve written one game in this setting: Rites of a Mailmare, mostly as an experiment in randomness. But I am currently working on a more substantive game set in the same universe.



I know that one: CAW. Do you still have the Atari ST version? I can’t find it anywhere yet.


I don’t have the ST version, although I do have the PC version. I think you will need DOSBOX to run it though - or try and find something that will load in Quickbasic 4.5 (as opposed to Qbasic) .BAS. You can download at If it works for you would be interested to know! I liked the concept of creating your own adventure as you went along.

Planning a small update to ifmapper as soon as I get chance, just starting to roadtest it.

** Edit, I have loaded into Quick Basic 4.5, resaved as text, opened in QB64 and compiled as a modern exe. Within the zip now you will find CAW_QB45.BAS and CAW_QB45.EXE. The latter runs just by double clicking on it **


I had already this PC version, downloaded it a long time ago. It runs in XP and DosBox. The QB version is a nice addition. Thank you.

Now I keep looking for the Atari ST one. I found an IMAGEN BBC diskimage. Nice to see the same lookings.


Hi! Passionate advocate for games and play, both at the culture-wide level and particularly in libraries. More about me at [url=]my site[url]. Looking to help more IF authors get their work into libraries and more libraries to support IF properly - first arrived here putting together a panel for a local literary festival on interactive storytelling. Melbourne, Australia-based.


I may be the oldest person posting on this forum (turn 93 in September 2016) but I having lurked here for a while I have to say that this place hits every mark of true enthusiasm.


Hi, I’m new here…my nickname online is emlon, so call me that please. I stopped using my real-life nick online when I got harassed and stalked because people knew I was an LGBT person. That stopped when I started going by emlon, then and now people tend to think I’m a teenaged boy. :wink: But I’m actually a 43 year old LGBT person (I’ve never identified with my biological gender). I have never been part of or followed any sort of “IF community” so I don’t really know any of the websites or influential persons. Anyways my brother and I grew up on the Infocom games, and we always wanted to write IFs together, but never did it (he succumbed to HIV in 2001). I finally authored my first IF in 2006, and finished another short one this year. I’ll never know if I’m any good or improving until I can get someone to play my games after all.


Welcome! You’re not the only QUILTBAG person around here, and I hope you’ll feel comfortable in this community.


Wow! Welcome, and thanks for the nice comment :slight_smile:


Thank you.


Fellow comrades, I hope you will help me in my mission.
My aim is to write interactive fiction. GOOD interactive fiction! But I’m not a native English speaker and sometimes it’s all very frustrating and ARGH I swear I’m very god at writing when I do it in Italian.
I’m joining this community because I hope to find writing buddies to help me with proofreading and stuff. You all seem nice people.


If you’re a god at writing, I’m sure you’ll be an asset to this community. Welcome, divine one! :wink:


I’m also an incredibly good producer of spelling mistakes, as you can see.
Thanks for the welcome!

(Jazz Cat) #717

Hello, all. I’m a musician from the west coast of the US, studying to be a music educator because this world desperately needs more musicians (at least in my biased opinion). I got into writing IF because I love a good story and I have a way with words; I use inform because I love puzzling through the logic of the wording. That said, I’m still very new to this.

But it seems like fun! So I thought I’d try to get into the community.

(Lady Isak) #718

Hi, everyone! I’m Zack and I got into IF via the Twine hypertext revival; I never actually finished a Twine of my own, but I’ve been playing around with various kinds of IF formats since January this year or so. I discovered I enjoy writing choice-based IF a lot more than I enjoy writing linear prose, so here I am.

I’m just making tiny forays in the community. I’m shy, what can I say?


I’ve been lurking for a week or so, I guess you could say I’m morbidly curious as to the state of text adventures in modern times. I joined to post a correction to a post that was inaccurate, otherwise I’d probably lurk for a while longer.


Hello! I’m getting into IF via choicescript, and have come here to get a better sense of the IF community at large, as well as, y’know. Read interesting forum threads and such. I’ve done a few very simple learning games in Twine. I’ve also signed up my first complete choicescript game for IFComp for this year, because other people egged me on.

Most of my experience is in writing standard linear text, not coding, though I did some C++ and Javascript and CSS way back when. I’m looking forward to learning fun coding tricks that let me do interesting narrative things I can’t do in a standard linear text.

I am absolutely terrible at parser games, but I’m told that no longer gets a person pilloried, so that’s good to know.