Introducing Granite, a set of patches for Gargoyle

Introducing Granite! :mrgreen:
A set of patches to Gargoyle providing some additional features.

ATM it only adds tab completion, but I have some more ideas I’ll be implementation in the near future.

There’s a binary for windows, but linux and max are going to have to compile it themselves for now. I’ll be building a deb package for ubuntu, but I don’t own a max so can’t do anything in that area.

I think next I’ll work on a way to track inventory (or other commands). Maybe clicking the items will add them onto the input line… :wink: Anything feature you particularly want?

What do you guys think? Ideas and bug reports appreciated. :smiley:

Edit: Just added ‘Click to Insert’, double clicking on a word will add it to the input line.



This might be more pie in the sky, but is there a cross-platform touch API for Windows/Linux (not sure about Mac) yet? Then maybe you could do iOS Frotz-style tap on output text to place on the input line.

I won’t need the API, a touch is just a click, right? I like the idea, but I don’t know how plausible it is. At first thought it would require significant editing to the buffer window… let me some more digging through the source and see what I can come up with.

Edit: It’s a lot easer then I first thought. I should have it done by Saturday.

Implemented! Double clicking on a word will now insert it onto the end of the input line. Thank you for the idea.

Wow, that’s awesome!

Trying the windows binary now, there may be a bug with targeting the mouse. I’m playing Kerkerkruip, and in the first room (Entrance Hall) clicking on the word ‘rubies’ sends ‘project’ to the input line. Likewise clicking on ‘project’ sends ‘red’. Some other words display similar behavior but some work fine. Not quite sure what the bug is yet (I didn’t resize the window or anything).

Also it looks like punctuation is kept, that probably should be stripped.

Great work RedHatter. Have you been in touch with Ben or garglk-dev about this?

Hmm… I’ll look into that. The process of converting the x mouse coordinates to a letter was problematic, I thought I had it looks like it needs more work.

You’re right, good catch.

I have not. I saw that the last release was a year ago and assumed that the project was dead. Guess I was wrong? lol

No, the project is anything but dead. It has typically only had a release once a year. I wish that was more frequent, perhaps if you joined the team you could also help them publish releases more often?

Right, it’s not dead, though it doesn’t look like 2012 will see an official release.

In the past I’ve been very open to new contributors and patches. I’d much rather have everything roll up into the main tree than split the user base.

Please get in touch by email or on the project list and we can talk about a path toward merging these features.

Should be more accurate now.


Will do.