IntroComp games that were finished?

So someone just asked me, “Was there only one IntroComp game that actually got finished, or what?” I thought I could figure out on IFDB, but my googlefu is weak. I think there must be at least three:
– Cryptozookeeper
– The Fellowship of the Ring
– Child’s Play

Are there others, or am I wrong about one of these three?

Mine’s due to be finished sometime after April. [emote]:ugeek:[/emote]

…and ifwiki is now up, so I can answer my own question.

Weishaupt Scholars is the only one I can think of.

Hmmm, Bedtime Story did get released, but it was a beta version and I think Marius lost the code, or something. It’s still enjoyable, Marius tells good stories, you just have to grit your teeth in a couple of places.

I’m still working on finishing off my IntroComp entry from last year. No idea when I’ll get it done, but it’ll definitely see the light one day.