Interactive fiction popularity metrics

As per the headline, does anyone know of any good, relatively up-to-date collected metrics on recent comps? Amount of games submitted, authoring systems used and such? Google is not particularly helpful in this matter, and the most relevant thing i’ve found on the forum would be…

that, the top 50 games of 2019.


IFDB searches will be able to answer a lot of your questions, I think?

(By the way, I’ll be running a new version of the Top 50 this summer.)


Oh, excellent point! Completely forgot about ifdb, cheers!


If you’re looking for data on recent trends, I don’t think that poll is what you want; it’s asking for people’s all-time faves, and if you look at the release dates listed in the post, a lot of the games are 20+ years old.

The only collected data I’m aware of is Autumn Chen’s IFComp predictions spreadsheet—not collected for the same purpose, of course, but it has some of the data you want. It goes back to 2018, but it only lists specific authoring systems for 2021 and '22; for 2018–2020, it just indicates whether they’re parser or choice.

Any data on other comps I think you’re going to have to collect manually from IFDB, although, as Victor says, everything you’re looking for should be there.


Steve Evans (@ybosde) has a spreadsheet (link to announcement post) with all IFComp games and their development systems from 1995 to 2022: IFComp by Dev System 2022.xlsx - Google Sheets

Regarding audience popularity, these threads might be interesting: