Inspiration from our spammers

These are all gold; I’ll have to write these down somewhere.

Inspiration comes from weird places, eh?

That’s fantastic. I haven’t seen that one yet!

I’d call dibs if I thought I’d have time to write a game any time soon.

After a lot of boring spam here are a few weird ones:

And the expansion of that Calvin Klein Noun 1

Ferries and catamarans with subtitle Ferry or catamaran services to Sweden are plentiful

Somebody PM me when we get to the How to make a Lightsaber? part.

I really should post in this thread more often, because there’s so many good ones, like this one that showed up today:

Bizarre Article Reveals The Inaccurate Tactics Of shoes

currently the Macaroni salad servant

Sounds like a below-stairs social climbing sim to me…

Rarely is the post text as good as the title, but here’s an exception:

The sixth infinite indifference

OOOooooh. Mystical Vespers-style goodiness right there.

Which infinite indifference did you mean, the first infinite indifference, the second infinite indifference, the third infinite indifference, the fourth infinite indifference, the fifth infinite indifference or the sixth infinite indifference?

Assignment: Find the general formula for
(i) nth Infinite Indifference and
(ii) sum of first n Infinite Indifferences.
Bonus marks if you know what the hell Infinite Indifference is.

Easy. It’s my attitude towards the “Shades of Grey” movie.

You are not indifferent if you are talking abut it. That jarring noise you just heard was your brain suffering a stack overflow due to an infinte loop.