inform7 for dummies

has anyone thought of writing a book inform for dummies a step by step explanation guide?
I know inform is suppose to understand English, but it’s a weird English.
any takers out there or has it been done?

You could try Jim Aikin’s Inform handbook.

I think Aaron Reed’s Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 is a step by step guide, but I also think it only works with older versions of Inform 7. However, you can obtain those older versions from the website, so if you really want that kind of step by step guide it might work to get the older version, use Aaron’s book, and then learn the new features in the newer versions.

thanks Matt ;]

I gave it a try here: Welcome to Adventure: The Quick-Start Guide to Inform 7

Mine isn’t meant to be even remotely comprehensive, though. It’s targeting people at game jams and so forth.

This tool’s source code looks like ‘English’, yeah, I guess this design decision is the worst I saw in any interactive fiction ‘programming’ frameworks.

The guide listed above by cvaneseltine is comprehensive I suppose, you can use it.