Inform 7 Teleportation?

I have been trying to create a Teleportation code for inform 7 but can’t. Can someone help?

The command would go something like this.

Go to [place].

This might be a start:

Teleporting is an action applying to one visible thing. Understand "go to [any room]" as teleporting. Carry out teleporting: move the player to the noun.

You’ll obviously want to add some conditions, and probably some text to explain that you’re teleporting; also the spacing is a bit goofed up when I test this. Also if you put in something that’s not the name of the room you get an annoying “That noun did not make sense in that context.” But it does what you basically want, I think.

The key thing is the [any room] token, which allows the player to input the name of any room – if you don’t use that token, you’ll get “You can’t see any such thing” when you try to teleport.

Thanks! It worked great. I dont need to add any text btw because its not for the release but It works great for getting around in the unpublished work. THANK YOU! :smiley:

GONEAR name_of_room also works for getting around, doesn’t get compiled in a live game and doesn’t require that you write any code.

Thanks for this it helped me a lot too!