IFID - General Questions

My ifspace.net software currently does not provide an IFID to any of the authored games. I would like to add this feature in the next update. My quick research (basically this page: IFID - IFWiki) has told me that an IFID is simply a generated UUID string preceded by “UUID://” and followed by “//”. I found a simple JavaScript library as well as a python library (I haven’t decided whether I’ll handle it in the frontend or backend yet) that can generate a UUID.

Anyway, my main question is, is this really all there is to it? An IFID is basically just our new name for a UUID?


For new games, that’s correct.

There’s a bunch of rules about retconning an IFID for an old game that doesn’t have one. (There’s no way to add a UUID to an original Infocom file, so we have to construct one.)


Perfect, thanks! That makes it really easy. I think I’ll add this functionality in the backend so that nefarious users can’t easily change the value.

Edit: Actually, it would still be easily changeable since it will be part of the game object. So I’ll do whatever is easier haha (It shouldn’t matter much since changing it nefariously only hurts the game owner’s own game).

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