IFDB issues?

It looks like IFDB is down :

But I’m not sure who to email to inform.



I just came here to check if it’s only on my side. Problems with access started yesterday.

But I’m not sure who to email to inform.

Here’s an archived version of the contact page with an email address (ifdbadmin@ifdb.org).

Not sure how long before it’s polite to contact the maintainer…

I don’t know how long it was down for, but it works for me now and also did earlier today :slight_smile:

It’s down again now.

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Yeah, for me too. Is there any way to get data on what’s going on? Dan Fabulich is running it, but there’s no way of telling what’s wrong once the shortages are out, so is there any way to get info on it now while it’s not working? Last time I asked he didn’t know what was causing it. (edit: unless I crashed it by making all the polls, but that never caused a problem in the past).

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Seems to be working again.

Edit: And off again.

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I haven’t noticed it be completely down, but there have been some times when pages are very slow. I haven’t measured (I’ll try to next time), but it feels like 30+ seconds.

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Search was fine but worked very slowly for me… as soon as I tried following through to a story it hung until it timed out with the message (though I may have accidentally reloaded the search page itself? I’m not totally sure.)

An error occurred searching the database.

I then tried again and it was fine, even loading pretty quickly (< 5 seconds).

I’m seeing “An error occurred connecting to the database” on the front page.

It logged me out and now I can’t log in anymore, it doesn’t recognize my password. I see it’s reported on github by another user too. Getting worse and worse.


Yeah, same experience here, unfortunately.


Same for me. “An error occurred searching the database.” when I tried to search competitions. Maybe the web site is okay, but the database is down.

Sorry, I’ve been moving house, and haven’t had a lot of time to investigate site issues. The site has mostly been bringing itself up on its own, so I haven’t had a good chance to investigate.

I had to manually restart the database to bring the site back up just now. :grimacing: It seems to be working, but I haven’t really “fixed” anything, so I expect it to go down again, until I can get to the bottom of the issues.


It crashed again. I’m wayyy out of time to investigate this tonight, so I tried just forcibly disabling game recommendations on the home page, which is known to be a costly query. Maybe it worked?


Maybe check the logs for DDOS attack? Seems to be going on a lot lately. Quite a few people has confirmed of being attacked.


IFDB is currently running right now (0800 CDT).

Good work maintenance team.


It was down a few minutes ago.

Then I checked again and it was up again.

It looks like “IFDB Recommends” is appearing on the front page right now, with recommended games.

There has been some kind of change to it; mine says " These are a few randomly-selected games with high average member ratings. If you rate a few games yourself, IFDB can offer customized recommendations (explain)." I think I’ve already rated enough games, so something has changed.

Ok, so maybe it’s just the customized recommendations that are disabled, and it’s showing the generic recommendations for everyone.

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