IFComp 2023 Review Spreadsheet

Great! I think there was some inconsistency between sheets as some had c2:c44 c46:c76 and the other had c2:c76. (This brings up a question for future comps: should we just knock any withdrawn entry to the very bottom in addition to greying it out, so we don’t need to worry about these details?)

As for your question about when we hit 1100, it appears the 8:59 update this morning (US Central time) had something you added, along with something someone else added, jumping the total from 1092 updated at 6:49. So it looks like the spreadsheet hit 1100 on the 13th … unless we’re tracking when the reviews were actually written?

Current tally is 1112, and 2020 is 1124. This makes breaking a new record pretty much a foregone conclusion as I have 7 reviews in the hopper (including stuff I beta tested) and IIRC in her topic alyshkalia says she plans to review 6 she tested.

milestones: TLDR, not many others in clear view

Either way … there’s no huge milestone to realistically stretch for other than “everything gets 9 or 10 reviews” (1125 = 15 per entry even with the withdrawn one so I’ll say we get that one trivially.) 1200 reviews would require 25-30 reviews a day from the community, all on weekdays no less.

We could maybe target reviews to push the median to 16 overall or 13 public but those aren’t super jazzy cool numbers.

So maybe those who want to do just a bit more are best off just picking one or two more entries we really had something to say about. (We probably knew this anyway, but for anyone who might be thinking to stretch to hit a community goal, it might be wasted effort. It’ll still be fun to read reviews post-IFComp.)

For my part, I wish I’d gotten to more, but getting to about half is good enough given my other projects.


I do not. :joy:
I hadn’t checked the threads all weekends, so I scrolled through them and added the missing ones.

Same, but I’m tapped out of long games/reviews :joy:


And everything has 9 now. I just reviewed One Knight Stand.

For some reason I thought voting ended the 16th and we had one more day. Guess not.

We still could hit 10 reviews for everything. Here are the remaining 7 with 9 reviews:

  • For Eternity, Again and Again
  • Hawkstone
  • The Library of Knowledge (I could write a last-minute review of this, if it’s the only one under 10, but it’d just be for the numbers. I’d keep it in the author’s forum.)
  • The Long Kill
  • One Knight Stand
  • Out of Scope (I haven’t played this yet so I may give it a go)
  • Shanidar, Safe Return

It will be the 16th anywhere else but PST → EST :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of respect for the author, it might be best not to do so, imo.
The minimums don’t take it into account anymore


We are only 5 reviews away from breaking 2020’s record. Keep them coming!


Just added my impressions for Xanthippe. 1122 now.


I have some longer entries I want to review today, but I knocked out the shorter ones so we could officially surpass 2020. We’re at 1125. (Though, if we don’t count the withdrawn entry, it’s 1116. Life’s never simple, is it?)


Remember everyone to get your votes registered on the competition website in time. I know some people enter their votes in bulk later. Don’t get caught out. Ultimately we need those votes. Reviews are brilliant, and have been astounding in volume this year. But we need your votes registered too.


I’ve found that when I send in my first draft of votes, my final draft usually only varies by a few bumps up/down a point. So I endorse voting in bulk, like, in advance. I sort of wanted to post this earlier but there seemed to be no good time.

I’ll say this, too: looking back on how I voted the last two years, I realize there are a few entries where I’d score them a point differently and I don’t let it eat me up. Somewhere, someone else may’ve adjusted a score down. Obviously there may be worry about “oh no my bump up or down a point may cost someone a place” but … my scores are part of the ecosystem.

I thought I’d attach a link to this spreadsheet too to show how I look at things. I scrubbed the scores (and in my main sheet I have a few more ratings) and then I sort by the 2nd row eventually to see “is entry X better than Y” or “should the 5/6 or 6/7 cutoff be here?”

It may only be useful for people rating 20+ games, but I still want it out there. Anyone who wants to copy it, do so. I find the organization helps me worry less about maybe allocating a bad score.


I did one last pass at the Forum hunting for reviews, adding the last ones that were not linked just yet. I did not check if any other outside sources covered more games however.

Anyway, for the sake of closing things properly:

TOTALS 1156 965
Medians 15 12
Averages 15.50 12.93
Minimums 9 7
Maximums 27 24
Total not withdrawn 1147 957

This is the most reviewed Comp (since 2019, did not find data before that year).
It is also the year with the highest minimum and maximum reviews per game!
(need to double check the Public version)

Lots of new faces, and a better coverage of the entries as well :slight_smile:
13 Authors reviewed other games in the comp, and so did 64 judges !

Reviews per reviewer MEAN
Public Reviews 15.8
Author Reviews 13.7
Total 15.4

Reviewers on average wrote 15 reviews each!


Actually just statistical error. Mathbrush Georg, who lives in a cave and writes 10,000 reviews a day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted :stuck_out_tongue:




Way to go TEAM! Gonna take me at least a week to catchup on all the ones I missed. The games are of course the centerpiece, but Comp is just made flat out awesome by the number of folks ready to bandy these things about. I actually feel more regret at end of voting than I do end of my own playing!


Congrats, everyone!

Also, I will say that it’s intimidating being on the spreadsheet next to the three-M Triumvirate of Manon, Mathbrush, and Mike Russo, who collectively wrote 180 reviews; an average of 60 each. My column feels so sparse next to them!


Next year @mathbrush should just go by Brian on the spreadsheet, problem solved!

(I really enjoyed your reviews so even if you didn’t get to as many as you wanted too, I’m still really glad you wrote them – it was nice that your last review was also Tricks of light in the forest, I got some additional insights from reading your take after I’d written my own up).


While reading issue 391 of Edge magazine (Future Publishing, UK), I noticed that Fix Your Mother’s Printer was chosen as web game of the month and given quite a complimentary little review. I’m afraid I can’t link to it as I just have access to the print edition.

(Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I couldn’t find anything here on the forum or in the spreadsheet.)


Well, thanks; I appreciated your own reviews too, of course. I actually read the one on ‘Light…’ just before writing my own! It was indeed a fun bit of synchronicity.


Thank you to all the reviewers, and a grateful welcome to everyone who reviewed for the first time this year. I enjoyed reading many thoughtful responses, and it’s astonishing that we managed to make this the most reviewed comp ever.

Now that the comp is ending, please consider taking the time to post your reviews to IFDB. Going forward, a game’s IFDB page will be where most players encounter and engage with these works, so it’s helpful to have that page reflect the fullness of the conversation. Enriching these IFDB pages with your perspective will be a blessing to the community for years to come. If you have ever found this resource useful, now is your chance to make it even more useful and vibrant for everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh uh, it looks the the train has left the station and we’re already sweeping up? Tallying up the scores?

But I still have a few more late reviews to file!

(Mix more metaphors here as needed)

Anyways thanks for making these spreadsheets! Anyone who’s contributed to them too (@aschultz etc). I find them really helpful each year!


We should definitely keep tallying! Last year I wrote like five more reviews after the results were out, and I bet we’ll continue to see some more.


Please, do continue reviewing ! (I’m planning on doing so myself and review the entries I didn’t do during the voting period at some point)

I just need the correct numbers at the end of the competition for stats (for the IFComp committee :stuck_out_tongue: ).