IFComp 2023 Review Spreadsheet

Here’s the review sheet for the IFComp, based on @cchennnn 's spreadsheet of the previous year.

It should be now stats-error-free :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are an Author reviewing the comp, please add (author) next to your name on the first row (it’s for the stats).

Also, if yall find reviews made outside of the Forum, please add a link to it too!

Timestamps of milesones
  • 2-Oct: 50+
  • 2-Oct: 75 (total entry count)
  • 3-Oct: 100
  • 6-Oct: All entries have gotten at least one review.
  • 6-Oct: 200
  • 8-Oct: 300
  • 10-Oct: All entries have gotten at least two review.
  • 11-Oct: 400
  • 14 Oct: 500
  • 17-Oct: All entries have gotten at least three reviews.
  • 17-Oct: 600
  • 21-Oct: 700
  • 28-Oct: 800
  • 29-Oct: All entries have gotten at least four reviews
  • 1-Nov: All entries have gotten at least five reviews
  • 1-Nov: 900
  • 4-Now: All entries have gotten at least seven reviews
  • 6-Nov: 1000
  • 10-Nov: All entries have gotten at least eight reviews
  • 13-Nov: 1100 (might have bee 12-Nov?)
  • 14-Nov: All entries have gotten at least nine reviews.

I don’t understand the Median in the spreadsheet. There are 32 reviews of 75 games. The median of the reviews per game must be 0, since more than half of the games have 0 reviews. But the sheet shows it as 1.5? Does anyone understand this?


=median(c2,c76) was the code, which averaged the first and last entries’ reviews, but we wanted =median(c2:c76)

/flashes his “punctuation police” badge


That makes perfect sense. :smiley:


Ah darn… thanks @aschultz for catching that!

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I quickly checked the threads on the forum, and I think the Spreadsheet is now up to date as of writing this message.

We have passed 50+ reviews already :partying_face:

If you find reviews of the comp outside of the Forum, please to add it as well!

Also, @HanonO should this thread be pinned so the spreadsheet is easier to find?


I think we have John Ziegler twice in the spreadsheet? :slight_smile:

Not anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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Manonamora, you’ve got a superpower: editing spreadsheets faster than your shadow!


And now the (total) median is officially 1! We’re 8 reviews away from making the public median 1 (30 unique games, need 38 of 75,) and not far from making the overall mean 1. These milestones are fun to track.

Mods, should we pin this as we did last year?

I find when I edit it enough it jumps to the top of my recommendation in the tabs. And I also have a cron job to open it at 8 AM. But others might not see it right away.


75 reviews! as many as there are entries.
Though it looks like about 30ish entries haven’t gotten a review yet…


At some point I hope to target the lower numbers…


I think people did a great job of targeting them last year. There was one with 5 votes, 2 with 7, 4 with 8, 12 with 9. I think a goal of 10 across the board may be unreasonable but we can get close. I think there’s a lot more potential value in reviewing sparsely-reviewed games than hitting one everyone’s reviewed and thrown ideas around about.

Two on the low end were Python games.

Last year’s tallies:

In 2021 we had some that required an unusual amount of installation. And there were threads on how to get them working. I don’t know if we’ll need that much this year. But if we do, I’m confident people will show up. The notes for Artful Deceit seem quite helpful.


The median for public review is officially now at 1!
This means it’s now clearer to see which entry have received many or little attention in the reviews.

EDIT: we also passed the first 100’s! :partying_face:


So sorry to interrupt you, but what does the ifcomp2023-game tag mean? And will the rest of the reviewers (including myself) on the forum be added to the spreadsheet list? Thank you very much.

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That’s the tag for discussion and review of specific games, potentially involving spoilers – here’s the mod’s post on the two tags.

And the spreadsheet is editable by anyone, so most folks just add their own names and reviews!


I added the links to your reviews on the spreadsheet already if you’re looking for them :stuck_out_tongue:


And now the median for total reviews has passed 2. I think we’re going to get to review all games sooner than last year.

BTW, whoever’s game gets their first review last? Prism got its first review last, last year! And it did more than okay!


Hello @manonamora and others,

I’m very happy to see that there are actually two reviews at the moment for Codename Obscura. The one mentioned below I found on the Playing -thread, so probably not by one of the authors in the IFComp competition? Sorry, I have not had much time to follow the discussions here, was the spreadsheet meant only for the author reviews?

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