IFCOMP 2021 on the GO

Thanks so much for the review, and glad you enjoyed Sting! And yeah, the vocab can get a little obscure, especially in the second sequence – sorry about that but sounds like the walkthrough got you through :slight_smile:

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The Drawing Rooms remind me of Alice in Wonderland, which I just love.


Yeah! If I had to distill The House on Highfield Lane down to comparisons, it would be:

Alice in Wonderland meets Young Frankenstein in a TNG episode with Q calling the shots.


As for IF comparisons: The Drawing Rooms are also one huge version of Emily Short’s Embiggening Machine from Metamorphoses. So we’ll add that to the mix.

And yeah: “with Q calling the shots”: especially in the hilariously (to my mind) disconnected finale.

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I look for an inmersive distraction When I come to play a game. With that premise I have tried to play Finding light.
It is my first ragequit.

x me
bla, bla, bla you head is bleeding a little ( ?? I will die soon if the injure is not repaired)
You should bandage it quickly

  • bangage head
  • bandage bleeding
  • put bandages in head

  • None of these works.

And so on for 30 minutes

  • Jade

That was fixed recently (Finding Light Bug fix).
Maybe give the updated version a try?


Apologies for this. I have gotten this comment from others and released an updated version of the game yesterday that hopefully takes some of the frustration away. I had trouble with beta testers, so I didn’t realize I wasn’t using intuitive syntax until reviews started coming in. (I believe your first command was covered in the update.)

Thanks for giving it a try though.

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I want to play this game. No fix available at ifcomp page. No clue about using bandage, when the game itself says " bandaje quick bleeding"
Any answer?

I was able to try out the updated version when I posted it, so that is odd.

lf it’s not showing up though then here:

Typing WEAR BANDAGES should work.

I can betatest some games. If you need help, here I am.
Thank you.

I like this perspective of changing between PCs but at the first time…
The fox are blinding for colours? It seems the contrary to me.

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It’s loosely based on canine color vision, which is not the same as ours. Humans see a wide range of colors while dogs see a more desaturated and limited range. (Could not find any specifics on fox vision, so I generalized it.) I tried to stay true to a fox’s greatest assets :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Oddy is right about this. It’s true for most mammalian predators: Great visual acuity for dark/light contrasts and for silhouettes or boundaries of figures which helps give them extreme sensitivity for movements. Colours aren’t actually all that important to them.

Primates (humans, apes, monkeys, lemurs) have a lot more need for colour information to see still-hanging fruits and berries or younger, more nutritious leaves and shoots in between older leaves and branches.

Short Wikipedia: “In the evolution of mammals segments of color vision were lost, then for a few species of primates, regained by gene duplication. Eutherian mammals other than primates (for example, dogs, mammalian farm animals) generally have less-effective two-receptor (dichromatic) color perception systems, which distinguish blue, green, and yellow—but cannot distinguish oranges and reds.

The adaptation to see reds is particularly important for primate mammals, since it leads to the identification of fruits, and also newly sprouting reddish leaves, which are particularly nutritious.”
( Color vision - Wikipedia)

(This is a very simplified summary. There’s also the effects of one or more genetic bottlenecks in mammalian evolutionary history and the resulting random genetic drift in reduced populations, and birds, reptiles, amfibians and fish have differences in colour vision as a result of completely different evolutionary histories. Insects are weirder still, with ultraviolet vision far outside the range of human vision.)


I know that stuff a little. I said that couse when you turn into a fox, this could be a spoiler so far, you see purple and yellow trails… but when human you don’t see colours.
Additionally, the smell verb doesn’t bring back results even when in description you can read that there is lavanda, blood, etc fragances.

I was very tired, broken last night so I go to bed early. Now I am going to play this game.

As Mathbrush appointed in his review, let’s implement more synonimus, and even nouns and adjectives as synonimous. This lends to more playable games.

I agree. It would be great if SMELL gave responses for a much wider variety of objects/nouns.


I liked this game very much. This is an inmersive, original, non straight linear story with polished text. There are some polite NPCs, a maze, a medium map and is worth to play about two hours. You can die but can do undo several times.
I consider that the difficult is medium.
The game WORTHS A TRY. As I mentioned before is an original plot, perphaps could have been deeper explored.
Although this game has some different endings, this is quite bit replayable game.

On the left hand I wanna list some minor issues for you to check.
When into the cellar, after the cutscene in wich it is explained that we extinguish the lantern, I try to light up and get the message “it’s already lit”
I can’t examine the wine bottle after taking it.
When I tried to go down or up in / out the cellar I got an empty prompt.
The walthrough is not clear about black rat.
As said before, tryt o implement more nouns and adjectives as synonimous.

  • Jade
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Thank you for the review! I will look into those things you mentioned. (Also in reference to the colored scent trails those are where I took magical game liberties so to speak. I like to think those aren’t “actually” colored or necessarily the colors you see, but more how you think of them.)

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I finally “end up” this game, so I am free, I want to write down some additional words 100% and 18/21.
This game is intended to play a story where you have to get free with the aid of an egg (Eliza type) that is missworking and can autorepair with some help. But, in addition has some extra credits that you would manage to get.
Principal story is almost lineal with some puzzles in the way, extra credits needs more brain work.
The result, a different game, enganging as a good amushement time.

  • Jade.

“There are no wrong choices so enjoy the ride.”

A strange game involving conversations with four inmates during a looping time ascension to watch the Aurora in the mountain top.
I don’t wanna spoil so I only talk about in driven quality of the game. I expected that the game will be a bit more extense. This is an inmersive game with some easy ingame well driven puzzles.
As far as I can see you can give a try to this simulator. You can try several times any NPC obtaining different choice options as result of the previous conversations.

  • Jade
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Last IF comp I liked Stian reviews and transcripts very much. I miss him this year. iin wich I tried to attack my own transcripts to my reviews but Fabularium is kidding me and Hunky Punky is an bag full of air.
Has someone an idea of how Stians are? Is he fine?

  • Jade