IFCOMP 2021 on the GO


A full lenght, big map, lot of NPCs, not remember my ID, great TADS3 game.
It is another ghost game in this comp, but a different one.
The DDs are polished till to be brilliant. The plot is intriguing so I don’t remember my name. It’s a very inmersive story you can dig into.

I wanted to join my transcript here but I lost it after closing interpreter.

  • Jade

The house on Highfield Lane.

I am happy about this game has been released in this comp. I did a little betatest but I hadn’t author’s news since then.
It’s a mansion escape game. I like this kind of games: The game has a good prose, interesting puzzles and a very inmersive plot and story. It’s a full lenght game in wich you were introducing in a mansion to give back a letter to his owner.
It has an in build hint and a robust savegame system.

  • Jade

What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed.

I admit that I love this game. I betatested this jewel since the very beggining and the game was very polished by then. So I recommend everyone giving it a try.
I got sad when I saw that the game is categorized as “child abuse” None of this happens in playtime game and it is an innecesary spoiler.

Game mechanics are different, but are well fitted for the story.
All about descriptions, inmersion, story, is top notch.
The game is lenght, easy-medium difficult and totally recommended for any adventurer.

  • Jade


This is a lovercraftian exceptional game. I realize that since some titles was released, this kind of game has a high notch to reach.
I tested it from the very begining and have played around 30 times. Notice that I also have played just now the release version. I love this game, his descriptions, ambiance, inmersion, story, puzzles. I got involved with protagonist as Alex and Andra in Counterfeit Monkey to be just one Alexandra.
This is an ambitious full lenght, medium difficult game. In the zip archive,we can found some feelies and even a walkthrough that will help any adventurer to play and enjoy this jewel.
As story gets more and more intriguing, playtime gets more and more inmersive and player gets ore involved.




As I am into this group and read almost everything, I had to play this game early.

I have read about the interface. It became pretty useful to me. Remember that I always play in a tablet. The gray text is not the better and dark mode is worst.

About the game: I got confused playing prologue and second, the blue, itinerary. After travelling for some Borges’ rooms and trying all the possibilities I couldn’t get into a finish game without looking for in the guide. I can assure I will play it again even though my interpreter couldn’t save the game. It’s my fault, I realized that it works properly in chromium explorer instead Fabularium.

  • Jade

And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One

As his own author explains this is a… special adventure.
I have completed some “infinite adventures” and then I got stuck. I comment this becouse I tried to go back to the walk looking in the walkthrough and surprise! It’s smart coded. The guide included is a piece of art by itself.
About the game, there are several adventures chained as train wagons. As you finish one, gets into the next episode with your inventory.
Parser tone and an specific NPC makes the game closer to the player.
Surpises are around any corner.
It seems medium difficult lenght game.

  • Jade

I tested The house on Highfield Lane, too, and there’s a lot to recommend it. It plays with perspective in interesting ways, and it has a Frankenstein’s monster named Patch, which I just loved.


My fault. I had to specify somewhere that the game is web-based, but requires a recent browser (Edge, FireFox, Chrome on desktop and Android should work fine; someone reported problems on older versions of Safari).
I tested the game on Android stock browser and it worked, but the interface with all those description on screen (room, character and ongoing text) works better on desktop screens. I’ve tried also on my smartphone and works, but I have to frequently scroll the text.
In conclusion, it’s web-based but too difficult to play on small screens. Sorry!

P.S. I forgot to mention that sometimes one must drag and drop a word on another and it’s easier to do that with a mouse than with a touchscreen.

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A game from Russo, interpreted by Liz and Russo.
This game is the result of an addition of various chapters, involving bees. It’s funny, not difficult and I liked playing it very much, even though I went to walkthrough to learn some specific english vocabulary.
It’s an interesting kind of game “as times go by”, and I like this genre.
Very inmersive has very different chapters all connected by his protagonists relationship as time lays his marks on their lives. Amazing game.

  • Jade

Grandma Bethlinda’s Remarkable Egg

This is an absolutely remarkable game. A love-hate relationship with an Eliza type egg learning how to use it mixed with some smart puzzles.
I liked it and have to remark the originality of the gameplay, constantly surpising the player.
As author explains it’s a non dificult game that can be experienced by any player.

  • Jade

The Last Night of Alexisgrad.
The title reads “A two-player piece of interactive fiction”.

I have had the luck of playing this game with such a partner like Mathbrush. We played both sides of the story. If someone is interested I would like to play again.
This is a different game because there are two players, opponents, playing TBS mode, like a chessgame play. As one move gives a code to the partner and so on. All adventurer would give it a try.

The game afterall is well polished, has vivid literacy and his choices are really ones, it means that a choice change all the story and the real personality of the PJ.

I had an issue becouse I played in an Android table with “hardware back button” and I touch it as an android, automatically, causing game exits several times.

  • Jade

Thanks so much for the review, and glad you enjoyed Sting! And yeah, the vocab can get a little obscure, especially in the second sequence – sorry about that but sounds like the walkthrough got you through :slight_smile:

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The Drawing Rooms remind me of Alice in Wonderland, which I just love.


Yeah! If I had to distill The House on Highfield Lane down to comparisons, it would be:

Alice in Wonderland meets Young Frankenstein in a TNG episode with Q calling the shots.


As for IF comparisons: The Drawing Rooms are also one huge version of Emily Short’s Embiggening Machine from Metamorphoses. So we’ll add that to the mix.

And yeah: “with Q calling the shots”: especially in the hilariously (to my mind) disconnected finale.

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I look for an inmersive distraction When I come to play a game. With that premise I have tried to play Finding light.
It is my first ragequit.

x me
bla, bla, bla you head is bleeding a little ( ?? I will die soon if the injure is not repaired)
You should bandage it quickly

  • bangage head
  • bandage bleeding
  • put bandages in head

  • None of these works.

And so on for 30 minutes

  • Jade

That was fixed recently (Finding Light Bug fix).
Maybe give the updated version a try?


Apologies for this. I have gotten this comment from others and released an updated version of the game yesterday that hopefully takes some of the frustration away. I had trouble with beta testers, so I didn’t realize I wasn’t using intuitive syntax until reviews started coming in. (I believe your first command was covered in the update.)

Thanks for giving it a try though.

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I want to play this game. No fix available at ifcomp page. No clue about using bandage, when the game itself says " bandaje quick bleeding"
Any answer?

I was able to try out the updated version when I posted it, so that is odd.

lf it’s not showing up though then here:

Typing WEAR BANDAGES should work.