Finding Light Bug fix

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to post here to let everyone know that I put a quick bandaid on Finding Light. After reading a few reviews (thank you to all who left one, I really appreciate it :heart:), I now understand that the syntax I used for the bandages in the beginning was not intuitive lol.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much in the way of beta testers, so this one slipped by me. I tried to pull together some commands others tried that didn’t work and have the game redirect the player to the commands that DO work for now. After the contest is done I might come back and make these understood by themselves, but for now I don’t want to risk creating a waterfall effect for myself.

Second, @rabbit found a glitch in regards to entering the maze that I missed. Prior to the fix, this could have made the game unwinnable if the player had not saved, but it should work now.

Thanks to everyone who reviewed and good luck to my fellow authors!


Haha! I see what you did there.

Also: the most obvious one to me was: BANDAGE WOUND/HEAD


Wow haha! I didn’t even realize I did that! :rofl:

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Not only are you good at maintaining your game, you are also witty. I had a provisional score for Finding Light, but I will re-play and revise as appropriate (because I remember implementation of the first puzzle being something I marked down for on the original playthrough, and I do have about 1 hour 30 minutes remaining of “judging time” on Finding Light).

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Thanks so much! I appreciate a shot at a second chance in regards to the first puzzle (sad that I made bandages a puzzle lol). Hopefully it works better for everyone now :grinning:!