IFComp 2017 Reviewer links thread

Hello everyone,

If you are reviewing IFComp 2017 entries on your blog, or in your own reviewer-specific thread, or anywhere other than the “Individual Game Discussion” threads on this forum, please consider posting a link to your reviews here. (Bonus points if the link points directly to the group of reviews in question.)

Reviewer links in this thread will be added to the IFComp 2017 page on IFWiki. You can also put the review link on IFWiki yourself, if you like.

I’ve started posting reviews to Renga in Blue here:


I’m hoping to review a good chunk of comp games here:


Italian reviews will be appearing around here:

German ones around here:

I will review this year’s games on my blog under a category heading for this year’s IFcomp. I expect that I’ll only get to a fraction of submissions because there are so many of them.

Knowing that authors are no doubt already obsessively checking the forum for reviews of their game or any hint of a mention of a reference to their games – I’ve been there – I have written up a first impressions post. These are my initial impressions and best guesses based solely on the IFcomp cover art and blurbs for each game. My comments are superficial and almost certainly wildly inaccurate, but I think I did address every game on the list.

EDIT: 10 OCTOBER - My website is temporarily offline due to server migration by my hosting company, A2 Hosting, where I have a small business account. I had assumed they would not need to bring the site down during the transfer. On the bright side, all my files are on the new server, so I think this is just a matter of getting things configured on their end. I have a ticket in. Hopefully, I’ll be able to remove this message soon. In the meanwhile, know that there is nothing wrong with your browsers! - Jack[/i]

EDIT: 11 OCTOBER - The site is back up. I’m leaving the above note because I’m pretty miffed at the hosting company for putting the site offline for several hours. The http://blog.templaro.com site seems to be functional again, although I’m having issues with another more critical site on the same virtual host. I have moved that site to another company, and when things settle down after IFcomp, I’ll move the blog as well.[/i]

dhakajack: Your cover/blurb review was endlessly entertaining, thank you for doing it!

(If only I had come up with your prediction as an idea…I want to see that game now!)

May I add: not only they are a very good read, those predictions also gave me excellent ideas for a spin-off game :wink:

please find my reviews in English and Italian here: www.avventuretestuali.com

This stream by thecheddarman should be starting right around now: https://go.twitch.tv/thecheddarman

according to this tweet

The Breakfast Reviews are underway at ricordius.com/ifreviews.htm . I’m playing the games in the randomised order assigned by the ifcomp site.

My internet connection may be a bit spotty over the next couple of weeks, so I may have to bump a game down the line if it requires an internet connection and I just so happen to be without at the moment.

Yay! The breaksfasts are one of the highlights of IFComp for me, endlessly entertaining and inventive :slight_smile: Glad to hear they’re back again!

goodolddays.net/article/id,2 … ition.html

Several reviews here:



A new reviewer, who has started with Salt (this link is directly to the Salt page):


I’m not reviewing, as promised in time, but random-commenting some of the games directly on IFDB.

PC Gamer features Salt and Insignificant Little Vermin:


Please find my first batch of ramblings on my website. I will also post links in the individual game threads.

Warning! May contain trace amounts of artistic license! Please make sure to play each game before reading my review of it! Or at the very least, read some other reviews before reading mine. Not only will there be spoilers, but my ramblings are a bit on the experimental side this year, and I fear that they could be obscure to the point of misrepresentation if read out of context.

I’m posting my thoughts over here:

adventure-international.tumblr. … fcomp-2017

I’m reviewing IF comp games again this year at dougegan2.blogspot.com/