IFComp 2017 Reviewer links thread

I have reviewed some of the science fiction themed games here: https://www.fantastische-wissenschaftlichkeit.de/ifcomp-2017-reviews/
The blog is in German, though; I’ll translate the main points and post them in the individual game threads.

Here’s a batch of reviews. I’ll try to get some more done before voting deadline:


Some Czech reviews/comments:


I’ve posted a two part YouTube review of all 80 (well 79) Games:

Part one (Background Info) is here:


Part Two (Actual Reviews) is here:


They are a little rough due to time constraints, but I wanted to contribute to the discussion.


Last post here.

I updated the two videos into a playlist:

youtube.com/playlist?list=P … rSxDkVX6pV



Now that the comp is over, I’ve posted all my reviews alphabetically from Eat Me to Word of the Day on ifdb.tads.org . I wrote the other ones later on, and I don’t wan’t to flood out the front page, so I’ll release them tomorrow.

Did you want a link to your comp reviews to be added to the IF Comp 2017 wiki page? There is a general link there for all of the IF Comp 2017 reviews at IFDB, but I’m not seeing a way to link to just yours (unless maybe you wanted to tag them “IF Comp 2017”).

Hmmm… maybe I’ll tag them all later today. Thanks for asking!

No problem. (I just wasn’t sure if the reason you posted about your reviews in this thread was that you wanted a link to them added to the wiki, or that you just wanted to let people know where to look for your reviews, so I thought I should ask.)

I was posting a lot at once and I knew they wouldn’t be visible on the front page, so I wanted the authors to know there were additional reviews.

I threw up the last part of my video series on this year’s COMP.


It’s been a great experience.


Thank you for the videos and exhaustive capsule reviews!

Part 3 of this video is well worth it for the montage of “Who I Got to Be in the Comp” that starts at about 4:45.