IFComp 2013 has begun

We’re live! The games are all up and available from ifcomp.org/ or your friendly local IF Archive mirror. Enjoy!

Awesome!! Good luck everyone!

Excellent. Good luck to all the authors and judges. [emote]:)[/emote]

In the web-based games, is “The Legend of Robin Hood” by Craig Dutton the same game as “The Legend of Robin Hood” by Craig Dutton uploaded to IFDB on 13th June 2013? The intro to both is identical.


It is. Somehow I missed that in my search for previous releases. Good catch, and thanks for letting me know.

So: “The Legend of Robin Hood” has been disqualified from the IF Competition.

Guys, all of the cover art has been hosed. For people submitted proper large cover arts, they’re all gone and inaccessible to players, replaced by microscopic versions. Could we please fix this up / add all the large ones back / add a file with all of the untouched large cover art? This is the 3rd year in a row this has happened and it shouldn’t be happening at all. Thanks.

  • Wade

The links to “Trapped in Time” appear to be broken. Which is a pity, because I’ve been wondering what a pdf game is. (Just a paper CYOA as a pdf file?)

Yeeesh! Porpentine’s game should probably carry an epilepsy warning. [emote]:shock:[/emote]

Direct link to “Trapped in Time”:

ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/c … pedintime/

The file got uploaded, it’s just the index page that is missing.

I’m not a comp guy myself, but I am totally available as a shameless groupie for any Authors who need one. Best of luck to everyone (and big thanks for giving us all more games to play!)

Speaking of missing index pages, the one for “Mrs. Wobbles & The Tangerine House” from the games list page is broken too. (The link on the vote page works, so I know where to get the game.) Is this from the same problem that will be fixed altogether?

Are Comp games supposed to be complete? I got to the, hm, terminus… well hey, let me quote:

I didn’t see anything in the rules about completeness of games, and this one was heavily disclaimed with “Part 1” and all, but all the same… this isn’t IntroComp. Maybe I just need to center myself and better learn how to appreciate what I’ve got.

(The Node-X author’s game also seemed to run into a game-breaking bug early on and be unfinishable, did anyone else have that problem?)

Well done all authors!

UnwashedMass, I don’t believe there’s any rule saying they must be complete, but voters can definitely penalise them however they like for being incomplete.

There are so many Twine games maybe they should be categorised together!

This is something that should definitely be considered in the future. I don’t mind having them in the comp, but how do you compare parser-based and choice-based games? The first year’s Inform/TADS divisions weren’t such a good idea because the difference was just in the implementation, but now there are games that have completely different gameplay mechanics altogether.

I wonder if segregating by parser-based vs choice-based is too definitive/prescriptive though? What if a game combined the two? Why is it an important distinction anyway?

I don’t think we should emphasise that distinction, but grouping the Twine games together might still be worth while. Ie, they’re usually downloadable, they have a similar interface etc.

As far as I know, the categorisation is not based on the authoring system nor intended as a tally of systems; it’s rather based on what you need to play the games (TADS interpreter, z-code interpreter, just a web browser etc.). If somebody makes a CYOA in Inform 7 with the Adventure Book extension, then it will be categorised as a z-code game. If someone makes a Flash game with a complete parser, it will be a web game. If somebody uses Superglus to write a Glulx game or ZILF to produce a z-code game, those will be listed in the Glulx and z-code categories (respectively), among the output of Inform 6 and 7.

Perhaps they could be categorised then along the lines of downloadable web games and online-only web games?

Happy Comp Day, everyone.

It seems like Comp Day comes up quicker every year. I must be getting old. [emote]:)[/emote]

Speaking of online-play only games, if they are not hosted on IFComp website, how exactly is the deadline enforced? What if the author keeps fixing bugs during the voting period?