IFComp 2013 blogs

If you will be writing about IFComp 2013 games, please add your blog or journal link to this post.

I have just begun a blog here:


  • Wade

Mine will as usual be at http://emshort.wordpress.com/.

I’ll be posting reviews at maga-dogg.livejournal.com/tag/if , as usual.

edit: belay that - if I do that every review will get pushed to Planet-IF without a cut-tag, which is Not Cool. So let’s go with maga-dogg.livejournal.com/tag/comp13, and I’ll do summary posts to the /if tag.

I have, just today, created a blog here: deterministwithoutacause.wordpre … comp-2013/

I’ll be putting any I review here (http://lautzofif.wordpress.com/)

Hopefully I will have some time to review some: http://marshal-winter.livejournal.com/?r=h

I’m going to try to review every game that I finish within the time limit. If I can’t beat the game in two hours, or if I decide to give up and move on before having spent two hours on it, I’m not going to review it.

So, the first game on my list, and the first reviewed, is Captain Vedeterre’s Plunder by Ryan Veeder: http://transcendentdestinies.blogspot.com/2013/09/if-comp-2013-captain-vedeterres-plunder.html

All subsequent reviews will be posted to the same blog.

Mine will be at: avventuretestuali.com (reviews also in English)


The one IF Comp blog I keep in my RSS feeds all year. Glad to see you’re reviewing in alphabetical order for now.

There’ll be reviews up on my new criticism blog, farfarfutures.wordpress.com/. There’s one review up already for Captain Verdeterre’s Plunder.

How do I view the English version? Thanks.

Check above the italian one [emote];)[/emote]

I’ll post both versions. This is the first review in English: avventuretestuali.com/2013/1 … -moquette/

I’ll be posting my reviews on my IF website on a separate page for the IFComp 2013:


Mine are going on my tumblr, but are searchable by this tag:


I already have a handful written and queued up but I’m gonna space them out.

I’ll be reviewing as well:

gamingphilosopher.blogspot.nl/se … omp%202013

Found this one, which hasn’t been mentioned in this thread yet:

fouldeformity.blogspot.nl/search … 0IF%20Comp

Posting reviews at dougegan2.blogspot.com/



Two other reviewers, from another thread. Since this is a public forum, they belong here.