If then else turns math ack!

Maybe I’m searching for my answer in the wrong way, but I feel I’ve looked everywhere and found nothing (so I’m sorry if this is a redundant question(!)), but I hope you’ll answer anyway, even if it is~

Every turn: If turn count/3 equals one: say "You feel hungry".


Please help? :<

Try “every third turn” maybe.

Turn count divided by 3 will be 1 only when the turn count is exactly 3. You need to use remainder:

Every turn when the remainder after dividing the turn count by 3 is 0: [...]

This is an annoying one.
For some reason you can’t use “equals” or “=” when testing numerical conditions in Inform 7.
Use “is” instead.
Also don’t forget the spaces before and after “/”.

Every turn:
	If turn count / 3 is one:
		say "You feel hungry".

Oh, thank you so much for your quick responses! ^-^

It works, now! :smiley:
happy girl