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The Quest of Adventure
Get ready for plots and intrigues of a generic nature!

Missing Grandpa: Lost in Australia
It’s a long way to Burpengary.

The Bible Retold: The Bread and the Chapter One
In the beginning was the Bread, and the Bread was with God, and the Bread was God.


I aknowledge my debt. :slight_smile:

Gleaming the Wizard

That’s what the kids call it nowadays. Really.

Interface Quijote

It’s 2019 and he’s still fighting radio buttons.

Veteran Girl

She’s been one for years and can sure teach the rookies some tricks.

The Cross of Crash

No idea what it means, but it’s a hell of a catchy title.

The Quest for the House

The demoralising real-life adventures of a young couple in London. Will they end up blaming immigrants?

The Murder of Interlopers

It’s a local tradition.

D-Day Wasser-Hasser

And of course he gets assigned to an amphibious tank!

It’s election time in Adventure

The dwarfs are canvassing for the pirate.

The Golden Sword of Newton

Even more deadly than Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.

Fang ku

The ancient master teaching the lost techniques of Kung fa.

The Orion Trail

You need to take way more supplies on this one, but Indians are less of a problem.

Our Yours

Okay, so maybe it’s yours. But it’s our yours now. Any problems with that?

Reality’s Santa Maria

Believe me, she’s nothing like the fictional version.

Lawn Survival

The working title of Plants vs. Zombies .

Adventures of the Holy Grail

They always tell the stories about the knights. But what was the grail doing in the meantime? Sitting on a shelf, collecting some dust? Hell no! Discover the real story in…

Perils of Assassination

Hint: one of them is that you may end up dead.

Our Africa

A riveting tale of recolonialisation!


I love the sound of these three:
The Underground Gang
The Wonderful Fall of the Daleks
Grandma Bethlinda’s Variety Swordfight


Snow White and Rose Lady

Two Disney princesses in a taboo-shattering adventure,

Pick Up The Phone Booth And Mansion

You thought the phone booth was heavy? Ha!

Night Sigfrid

Night, Brünnhilde.

Just Another Christmas Primer

So, this Jesus person dies on a cross two thousand years ago. And he was God. And that’s why we celebrate his birthday – well, not his birthday, but some heathen festival that the Church thought it prudent to assimilate – by decorating a tree, eating too much food, drinking too much wine, putting expensive presents in specially-made oversized socks, and listening to a Mariah Carey song that we all hate. You still don’t get it? Okay, let me start again from the beginning…

Allein mit Hood

The Frankfurter Allgemeine’s exclusive interview with the Nottinghamshire outlaw.

Dark Breakfast!

Black pudding, black pudding, black pudding, spam, baked beans and black pudding.

Zork Newbie

attack cyclops with leaflet

Kids Shouldn’t Drag

… and that’s why we need a Republican majority on the school board!


Holy crap, this is fun. How did I not know about this?

The Width of the Hero Unmasked!
The chilling tale of a middle-aged hero and his corset.

DOUCHEBAG – An Existential Game
I think this one speaks for itself.

Blob Paradox
Maybe it’s a really rigid blob?

Drool Blast
A heartwarming story about my dog.

The Barber ERROR
A horror story.

And the really, really offensive one (seriously, it’s really bad and I’m a horrible person for posting it):

The Walking Dead Chemo


It is my sacred duty to resurrect this thread every few years.


Pffff…freakin’ hilarious. Laughed way harder than I probably should have.

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Did he attempt to shave himself?


I don’t even want to know what the barber ERROR is. You can be sure it’s a very serious error, because it’s all in caps. If the barber says, “oops,” you’re about to have a very bad day. Or month. This one kind of writes itself if you think about it for a minute.

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From the 2019 IFComp, which seemed to have a particular bumper crop of contrasts …

Pas De Crown Jewels
Extreme Omnivore: Time
Very Vile Fairy Orchestra
Suburban Shaman
Stowaway at Hogwarts
For the Moon Never Spoons
On Devils and Details


“Largo al Factotum” is full of tongue-twisters. Singers learning that piece from “Barber of Seville” make lots of ERRORs.


A game about running around backstage, manipulating the environment in lots of wacky ways, to keep the primo uomo from flubbing his solo on opening night?

  • Stiffy Vayna

This just made me think of a Castlevania clone with Stiffy Makane.

And some more:

  • Goodbye Sisyphus
  • No Thyme
  • Love, Hate of Life
  • Intruder Understudied
  • La Keys
  • Uninvited jacket
  • The Immortal HORROR
  • The Man Who Killed Madness
  • Encryptment Adventure
  • Blood of the the Japanese American Internment
  • Mark… Mass Extinction
  • Fog Committee
  • Plant the Baby
  • Deadly Saturdays
  • Leaves Summon You
  • Sanity Creator
  • You Were Doomed From Co-op!
  • Fuck That Choices
  • Blade the Lord of the Jungle
  • Planet of the Eyes
  • CIA Manor
  • The Gift of French
  • Mother Amazing Maze

This is some good stuff… I’d give any of those a spin.

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Or Chekhov’s contribution to AIF.

A bittersweet romance about someone who can’t stop working.

You’re not a great chef, but you can win the cooking show since you have a thyme machine and can hop back and rescue that souffle before it burns.

The only thing in the way of this tricky museum heist is the gala press preview of the hottest musical headed for Broadway in the adjoining theater whose lead performer has just sprained his ankle on one of your preset tripwires.

You must take all of La Keys to all of La Locks.

Studyware that takes a left turn into an ARG of intrigue and horror.

Mark… doesn’t do anything right.

A highly secretive and bureaucratic government agency responsible for making sure nobody ever finds the island.

Hours of fun for the whole family in this whacky game about everything one doesn’t do while parenting.

Ah, how we miss Healthy Fridays.

No matter how many piles you rake, they won’t let you sleep at night. rustlerustle

An open world sandbox about building your Zen Gardening business.

A choice-narrative where option C is always the correct path.

Tarzan’s nephew Zachary fancies himself some kind of ninja.


Does @aschultz ever run out of puzzle ideas? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

WALKTHROUGH: If you want to get her to kiss you, you must first collect toast, bread, fries, onion soup, dip, and cut green beans.


A political noir about an innocent man framed for assassinating big-city mayor Jack F. Madness.


The Manor Murder Mars?
Ooh… a murder mystery poem set in a mansion on Mars.

Ragnarok Unready
I’m glad it is. Otherwise we’d be dead.

Robo-City Water Tastes Like Wine
Why would a Robo-City have water anyway? Or is that actually wine-tasting oil…

legend of game: avocado edition, a game

  • GASPS *

Zork LXIX: The Simulator
This actually sounds good. In the future of the Zork saga, it’s the same as the first game, but instead you must discover an underground society called the Simulator in the midst of a hi-tech city. (TAKEN BY ME)