IF Name Generator updated

Oh, I want to play too! Let’s see…

Cloak of Ultimate Ditch Day

“What if we get caught? We’ll be in detention for the rest of our lives!”

“We won’t get caught. Check this out.”

Your friend pulls a cloak out of his backpack, and before you can tell him that it’s a really lame disguise which will fool approximately zero teachers, he throws it over his head–and vanishes.

Intercept Your Lunch Money

“Steal” is such an ugly word, don’t you think?

King Tut’s Saga of Erik the Viking

A time-travelling extravaganza.


Obviously a Doctor Who fangame in which you play a Dalek. But are you a rebel who exterminates, or are you exterminating rebels?

When Bears, Bears

Can’t fault that logic.

I Expect You Ate Lunch

No, Mr. Bond…

Dames are Sherlock

Dick Lockhart, Private Eye strolled up to the new detective agency that had just opened across the street. It was time to get to know his competition for the already-too-few jobs that came this way. He wasn’t sure what to expect–another down-on-his-luck veteran like himself? A wide-eyed rookie with a misguided sense of justice?–but he certainly wasn’t prepared for the shock he got when he peered in the window. The agency was full of… dames!

Gymnasium of Horrors

And you thought normal gym class was bad…

Virus Toast

Why you shouldn’t make breakfast for people when you have the flu.

Scene of the Crime Bermuda Triangle

The police have been called in to investigate the rash of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. Will they solve the crime and make it back to shore, or will they too be trapped?!

Robot of Silver Mountain

Chased away from civilization by AI-fearing humans, a lone robot ekes out an existence in the wilderness of Silver Mountain…

… okay, I should probably stop now. But it’s so much fun!

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Lucifer’s Coma
The aftermath of a fight.

Waxworks Incident

Bureaucracy Guardian
It’s Bureaucracy Guardian and his sidekick The Crimson Tape!

Shred Quest 2 - The Revenge of the Mutant Killer Tomatoes
Get your salad-shooter ready.

Mop the Gods
You are Janus, guardian of entrances and exits and the patron god of janitors. Guide your minions in their battle against the Sordisites.

Planet of Doctors
Just how many regenerations does he have?

Yet Another Damn Island
Are we there yet?

Escape from a Planet Filled with halitosic gorilla of Brazil
What ever happened to the gorilla from Leather Goddesses of Phobos?

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You may or may not know that The Crimson Tape was actually the protagonist of the Superhero League of Hoboken, easily the fourth greatest post-apocalyptic computer game of the 1990s.

What are the other three? I’m guessing “Fallout” is one.

Fallout 2, Beneath a Steel Sky, Fallout. Any other contenders?

Superhero League doesn’t have the depth or replayability of the Fallouts and the puzzles and story aren’t as good as Beneath a Steel Sky, but the gameplay is still fun and the jokes come thick and fast. It plays a bit like Wasteland but it’s more accessible; it’s open-world but play essentially proceeds through a series of stages, each stage culminating in an encounter with your nemesis, Dr Entropy- an evil jack-in-the-box.

EDIT: Also, it’s worth pointing out that Superhero League of Hoboken is a Steve Meretzky game, if that sways anyone for or against it…

How true!
(A month ago I moved to Moscow after 9 years of West-Africa, and I am still laughing out loud and kicking the air at times when I see the speed of the hotel lounge WiFi connection.)

Castle about Gaming

Just because I’m totally castle about gaming.

More fun with the generator:

I’m Gonna Take You To The Video Dishonest Politician

This could be the Daily Show’s motto.

Snakes Expect You To Die
They certainly do.

Blizzard Falls
It certainly does.

Fire in the Everything Is Catching On Fire

It certainly is. I think.

Bad Fish-Bot!
“You know how to spawn better than that!”

Return Jeb
The Republican primary process will probably take care of that.

The Reluctant Story
It keeps crashing, you see.

The Windhall Chronicles, Volume 1: The Devil’s Dungeon

This suddenly became much more interesting.

Death By Shadows, Darkness, and Dread
And gloom! Don’t forget gloom!

Not Just Gonna Take You To The Video Bar!
Got bigger plans tonight. Yup.

A Real Apocalypse
Don’t settle for those cut-rate versions with only two or three horsemen.

Intruder That Goes East Forever
I guess that limits his effectiveness somewhat?

Everybody Loves the End

Don’t quit halfway through!

Dog Saves Text Adventure Game
The dog was about to try something risky, I guess?

Sweet Adventure

Picnic in Donut
Sequel to Dead Like Ants?

A Moment That Got Away
They all seem to, somehow.

Dodgy Woman
“Find another girlfriend, Nigel. That’s one dodgy woman.”

Oxbridge Yourself!
I hope to convince working-class Britons to start saying this.

Suicide Test

“Good, it’s working–wait.”

Dead By Final Mission
So it wasn’t a complete success.

These need no commentary:
Yay Manor
Attempted Corruption
Space Aliens Laughed at my Party
Darth Vader Spanned the Ages
Magic Bonehead
Logic Puzzle Tomb
She’s Got a Thing for Lizard-King
Ghost Circus of Sadness
Kissing the Shopping Mall
Dragons In Chocolate Fleece
Zombies Are Cool, But Not So Cool When They’re Eating Monster
Super Banana Adventure
Sacred Tiny House
Nostradamus’s Pants
Bookworm in Space!
Guilty Best Man
Somewhere Poodle Inevitable
Revenge Toast!
Space Crouton Caper
Betty Left
Eclipse The Hell
Wearing Discombobulation
Goofy Feeling
ASCII and the Beauty
Death to my Electric Boogaloo
Into That Adventure
Magic of Whimsy
Apocalypse Ralph
Kingdom Finds Kitten
Color Andrew Plotkin

Two by Noam Chomsky:
Green Argument
Green is Thirsty

I found these oddly intriguing:
Insomnia Beach
Human Resources Lobster
King Arthur’s Star Portal
Haunted Spaceship!
Madrigals of Authority
Ophelia Trip
Trapped in Gold
Cave of the Chicken
Dragon Detective
The Farmer’s a Princess
Castle of String
Storm the Cathedral
Dangerous TOAST!
The Tarot Garage
Stranded Minotaur
The Crouton Chapter
Shards of Money
Death Tense
The Darkest Shadow
Violet Beast

…but I wasn’t really motivated to try these:
Down As Usual
Death Time
Yet Another Damn World War
Die Party
Burnt Yourself!
Final Game
Toxic Sewage Toast
Pass the Carnage
Lack Inspiration
Ruins Obituary
Hurry! Hurry! SameGame
Mystery Repeating
Goose, Egg, Virus
Pathetic Jack

The utterly generic:
Mystery Treasure
Lost In Castle
Adventures in Time
Space Quest Adventure
Magic Text Adventure
Theme Quest
Underground Quest

Some AIF titles:
Moist Jim
Brief Blow
All Delight
Pleasure the Sailor
Stiffy Makane: Termination
Sexual Love
Take Anne

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I want to play DEATH DEATH DEATH Tape now.

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That generator is so entertaining.

Now here’s a mysterious and unappealing title:

Thror’s “Onion”

Aww, shit, and here I was about to get to work on a Shufflecomp entry.


“She’s Got a Thing for Lizard King” is a Shufflecomp entry.

Selma’s Portal
“What are you doing, Doctor King? Stop it! I… I… We are pleased that you made it through the final challenge where we pretended we were going to murder you.”

Out Musa
It’s not easy being a gay Muslim! But when you’re the King of Kings of Mali, and it’s Hajj season… can you say wacky road trip?

Anal Fugitive

Larry the Walking Dead
Yell at everyone, be a big fat jerk, try to moderate your salt intake.

Come in Sixty Prawn
My desires are… unconventional.

Coke Djinn!
You won’t phrase your wishes so carefully once you’ve taken a snort of this.

Spy Gaffe
Oh, you needed those documents on behalf of that Republic of China? Boy, is my face red!

The Blair Grail
It’s probably in Iraq somewhere, right? I have very firm assurances that we’ll be able to find evidence of it.

The Man Gardens
My desires are… unconventional.

Curses! 1981
Embarrassing juvenilia; Graham Nelson holds forth about how his crappy house is boring, which sixth-form girls he has a crush on, and how badass Tygers of Pan Tang are.

The Black Mutant
In the 1960s, this probably felt really progressive, but by now Stan Lee is probably pretty embarrassed about this.

Rhyme the Oregon Legislature!
Yo I’m Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney / down with lumber and a predatory state lottery / got my stacks of wax, I’m gonna wreck the decks / we’re like doubleyou-A with more hipsters, less tech

Whitman Deadsville
“Do I contradict myself?” racks shotgun one-handed, shoots zombie in face “I am large, motherfucker, I contain multitudes.”

Beanstalk the Lady
My desires are… unconventional.


I would love to see the Generator updated.

I guess I need new business cards.

“Stiffy Makane: Termination” must be made.

Skipping Detritus
an indie film with lots of gutar noodling as the score

The Relentless Adventures of Captain Speedo, Episode 112: Alert on Appointment
Man, he’s busy

Losing the Dungeonkeeper
How I managed to pass sophomore algebra.

Prologue for Algernon

A Bear’s Beauties
Ever since Papa moved out of Mama and Baby’s house, it’s all AIF.

My Adventure in Sardoria
Most boring travel journal evar.

Elfindor and Jonathan
new from Pixar

Dog Satyricon

Andromeda Awakening - The Containment
Andromeda goes A L I E N

Filaments The third saga: The Road to High Tsani
When computer games get too many sequels

Unter Human
The robots will rise…

Dinnertime Adventure
Polodna sequel

The Corn of the Dead

(untitled) the United States
Sounds patriotic

Personalized Adventure Rubicon

The Mean Trilogy

Pyramid Ends
by M.C.Escher

There’s A Snake in the Nightmare

[You wake up Pirates
shouldn’t have typed UNSCREW RUSTY PEGLEG

Murder della Luna

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Isn’t that just English for Nemesis Macana?

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Nostradamus’s Pants

Wow. There’s a song by a very famous Dutch comedian about Nostradamus, and the chorus goes like this: “Nostradamus, Nostradamus. Nostradamus in his tight green pants. They were looking good on him! Nostradamus, Nostradamus. Nostradamus in his tight green pants.” When the song has seemingly finished, this chorus is then developed into an, uh, rather banal coda. (“Tight green pants. With a big bulge. Tight green pants. Big big big bulge. Tight green pants. That big **** of Nostradamus [… and so on].”)

(Turns out there’s an English show of his on Youtube, if you’re curious. No Nostradamus, I think.)

Oh well, fell down that rabbit hole for a while. A few for your delectation.

The Plague Tutorial

Just two short steps.

The Terrible, Old Shit!

A fair description of a large part of the IF back catalogue.

Monday, For Tea

And then the Beast said to Belle: “I want you.” She replied, breathlessly, already unbuttoning her shirt: “When do you want me? How do you want me?”

Operation Operate!

Not the most inspired episode of ER.

One Way Dagger

It would be good for the assassin if that direction were in .

Gamlet Studies

Not a game. An academic magazine dedicated to the works of J. Pudlo, entirely written and edited by said J. Pudlo under a wide variety of pseudonyms.

Flawed II

Truly takes the formula of the first part to perfection.


Some of these have the makings of a speed-jam.

The cursed dagger can only be carried in one direction. Too bad you’re in Rome.

You, Sir, owe me a cup of coffee because I deserve another chance to keep it all in the cup. :rofl:

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