IF Name Generator, 2020 Comp edition

For some mid-competition fun, I’ve updated the Name Generator to include IFComp games up to 2020. The site generates new titles by taking the start and end parts of two random existing titles and mashing them together. If you choose a competition year, at least one of those parts is from that year’s comp game.

2020 IFComp edition


The best ones I got:

  • Caffeination of Limbs
  • Obituary Assistant: Magical Girl
  • “Inspector Babyface”
  • “Phlegm Saw”
  • “Standing on Pinecone”

If nothing else, these titles could make for promising future IF-titles…

  • Museum of Dogs
  • Nothing But Desolation
  • Dracula Episode 2: The Land Down Under (Is “Dracula goes to Australia” a B-movie that already exists? If not, it feels like it should be)
  • Yay Mummies
  • Halloween Miseries
  • Triple Bear Quest
  • Stand Up or Don’t Be Standing Around While the Earth Dies Screaming

Lots of good suggestions from the first run:

  • Wrath Mummies
  • Couch Salvage
  • Friday Enigma
  • The Colonel’s Simulation
  • Runes Manor
  • The Evil Quest
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Some of these would be totally viable games!

  • Undo Graybeard’s Plunder
  • Dracula Werewolf
  • Crystal London
  • The Wayward Facade
  • Plant the Pinecone
  • (s)wordsmyth Maker

Others, uh, do not:

  • Minor Daughter
  • Little Girl in Love Story
  • Anal Operative (???)
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(I love dogs so much)


Very funny.

Some favourites:

Insanity for Breakfast!
Sorcerer’s Parenting Simulator
Beaten Cowgirls Bleed
Mystery of the Adventure
Lifequest Quest
Teeny Man!
Lord Abduction
Toonesia …
Kill Quest
Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Fire Witch
Dogleash Simulation
Wumpus Hunter
Fair Earthquake
Parasites Sonja
Can You Escape From Futility

Idea A: Allow me to wish for a word to be included

Idea B: Allow me to vote for names I liked and the game names that were used in those names will be used more often.

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I got a couple of potential sequels for Hanon’s game:

  • The Cursèd Pickle of Adventure: Holy Goat!
  • Grandma of Shireton

Something that sounds more like a threat than a game:

  • You Will Thank Me Where the Sun Don’t Shine

And a game about the last person you’d want defending you in court:

  • Stoned Ape Attorney

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’m just a stoned ape. I was captured by your scientists and later they got me really high. Your world frightens and confuses me…


I think that one’s actually about an idealistic young lawyer who defends gorillas accused of low-level drug crimes.


And our next band in Punk Countdown is Phlem Saw!!! Take it away!


These two came out right next to each other. It’s good that the IF Name Generator is thinkin’ FRANCHISE.

  • The Morning Eidolon’s Escape
  • Revenge of Eidolon’s Escape

Oh no. Here we go again. From the ‘general’ edition, I present:

Zero Subtext

Really, it just means what it says.

Living Lockdown

Also known as 2020 Simulator.

Fiendish Toast

You should never have chosen the full English breakfast.

Secret Boomer: The Game

Can you keep up the pretence and pass as a millennial?

Indiana Relationship Simulator

In which you get to woo Mike Pence!

Transylvania Toast

Even more fiendish, and with teeth.

Undercover Burglar!

He’s a burglar, but he’s not telling anyone!

Burial Visionary

And I see… darkness!

Aunt Nancy’s Nazi Mode

The magic words are: “George Soros”. But it’s hard to turn her off once she gets going.

  • The Incredibly Mild Misadventures of Money
  • baby Quest
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Bros
  • Turbo Chest Bezos
  • Goofy Couldn’t Have Done That
  • Limerick Mary Celeste

Unfortunately, my limerick game isn’t strong enough to come up with the title drop for that last one.


Of captain and crew dispossessed,
A ghost-ship’s the scene of your quest:
Find out what went wrong.
But your nerve must be strong
To play Limerick Mary Celeste…!

  • 69,105 Have Done That

And now I’m 69,106!

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Homicide Haiku

An old silent pond
A corpse falls into the pond—
Splash! Silence again.

Softporn Boot-Scraper

I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you play Rudy Giuliani at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Augustine Textual Adventure

“You’re on a plain. North lies the City of God.”


“A loud voice stops you. ‘Make your Confessions first, sinner!’”

Silence of the Lambs End

You’re having an old friend for dinner.

Ares and Error

A riveting tale of blunders in wartime. Tour the Teutoberg Forest, see the Charge of the Light Brigade, fight a land war in Russia!


After a year, my wish is (partially) granted: Limerick Heist afterword


You cannot do that yet.