IF Comp results are in!

Let’s give the organiser the floor first. [emote]:)[/emote]

The results are here.

Congratulations to the winners! In a classic Victor move, I somehow managed to not play the top 3 games. (In fact, I managed to not play six of the seven highest ranking games, even though I played half the games. I did manage to play the bottom 3 games.)

(I’m disappointed about the average score of one game that deserved much better, but I’ll bitch about that on my blog. This thread is for celebration!)

I am slightly surprised by the results but not enough. I am however surprised that I managed to get the second highest vote count!

Scooped by Victor! [emote]:)[/emote]

Congratulations to Lynnea Glasser, whose “Coloratura” took first
place! The top three games were:

Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser
Robin & Orchid, by Ryan Veeder & Emily Boegheim
Ollie Ollie Oxen Free, by Carolyn VanEseltine

The winners of the Miss Congeniality contest were:

Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser
Their angelical understanding, by Porpentine
Bell Park, Youth Detective, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy and
Ollie Ollie Oxen Free, by Carolyn VanEseltine (tie for third)


Thanks Stephen for organizing this! I had a great time.

Yes. Thank you Stephen. It was Alot of fun. [emote]:D[/emote]

Thanks! Omg, it was such a ride. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the game, and I enjoyed getting to all the amazing work. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who participated! This has hyped me up to start a new project.

I’m not surprised by the first place. [emote]:)[/emote] This was a great comp, by the way. A lot of diversity all around, a lot of entries, and a huge wallop of enthusiasm.

Now that I’ve been revealed as the author of Impostor Syndrome, come have a look at some author’s notes.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I think this was a rather good year for IF, with few really terrible games entered in the competition. (Of course, the large amount of Web-based games may have something to do with this; they don’t suffer from parser problems.) And the top-scoring games were excellent (though I think Robin & Orchid deserved first place [emote]:)[/emote]).

I’d like to encourage everyone who played at least one game in the competition to submit their rating(s) to the Interactive Fiction Database (IFDB), even if you didn’t vote in the actual competition. Submitting ratings only takes a few minutes, even if you have played all the games, and makes the IFDB a much more useful resource for finding games (currently, some of the IFComp 2013 games only have two ratings at the IFDB). The IFComp 2013 page at the IFDB is at ifdb.tads.org/viewcomp?id=g4gogbp7lx683yfe

The second pseudonymous comp author who I identified ahead of time! (And the first was Chris Huang, who pretty much signs his pseudonymous works in red letters ten feet tall.)

I notice that ifcomp.org/comp13/prize-choices.php is not showing places 7 through 9. Unless the old children’s gag that “7 ate 9” holds true, I assume this is a bug in the website.

I had the privelege of playing Robin & Orchid, which was my favorite even though I didn’t review it. But I know the feeling!

My second favorite was Threediopolis, which I also didn’t review.

11, 12, 18 and the second game tied for 28 is also missing.

I only felt strongly enough about two games I played to write a review for them. It’s curious to have of one them win the comp. It does tell me “No, you’re not imagining things, the game really was that good”.

And then the other game I liked a lot got a very lukewarm reception. [emote]:)[/emote] Hurray for diversity.

Your review was definitely one of the only critiques of substance that I’d read this comp. Thank you for that.

I agree about this. It’s just neat to see votes pile up. And it increases the likelihood someone will say “Look at all these ratings. There should be a review, too.”

Also, congrats to the winners. They definitely earned it. I enjoyed all the games ahead of me so the comp was a success in that regard. Thanks also to the organizers and reviewers.

Finally, the author forum is fun, and you should totally visit it next year if you have a well tested game. I’d be glad to help anyone out with that.

Yep, so noted. The good news is that those authors aren’t getting skipped, we’ve just got a bug we need to iron out in showing what prizes were picked by whom.

And congratulations on your Banana!

4 and 2 are also displayed twice.

Belatedly, I wouldn’t worry too much about this. IF Comp entries are the most heavily-rated games in IFDB; if it doesn’t look like that initially, it’s because most people hold off from rating games in such an easily-visible way until after the results are out. Which is fine - but what would really make IFDB more valuable is more people producing ratings and reviews for games that weren’t entered in the Comp.