IF-Comp 2007: Looking for Beta-Testers


My wife is making a game in Inform 7 which will participate in the next 2007 IFcomp.
The game is almost finished now, and she’ll probably need some beta-testers to play with it.
The game focuses on the narration and on the interaction with the NPCs.

She doesn’t have much background with the modern IF culture and style (also the reason why I’m posting it myself on this list), she only wanted to write a story she had in her mind, so you may find her game refreshing and original :slight_smile:

You can request for beta testing using this form on her website : just leave your email address, and she’ll send you the game !


(I’ve sent this message on RAIF and RGIF as well…)

Thanks farvardin, I think I’ll send in a request.

I like your wife’s artwork btw, I can see the pre-Raphaelite influence. Cool stuff.

Split this into its own topic to avoid topic pollution :slight_smile:

I thought about creating some IFComp posts, and in particular, one for beta-test requests. I guess each one could just be a separate topic, to make it more obvious when a new one pops up though.

thank you :slight_smile: