Forum Update!

Looks like everything else works, somehow, except for the old logins being disassociated with the individual posts. It’s good to be back, with an alternate forum style, too (I’m currently running Prosilver just to see how it looks like. I just hope the bold, italics, and underline work.

EDIT: And so they do :wink:

I’ve been running some SQL to re-associate old posts, and it seems to be working pretty well. I didn’t recognize your user name, so I haven’t run it for you yet (sorry). Did you have posts on the old version under this username, or a different one? I should be able to hook them back up.

great, we had luck on our French forum because we didn’t loose the users :slight_smile:
Now on this forum I’m using the prosilver theme because I like it better than the old one.

Maybe I just had bad luck with ProSilver, but it seemed to load really slowly and graphics caching seemed really wonky. Maybe I’ll try it again after a fresh reboot.

Had you posted any messages here before, under the same or a different handle? I can link them back to you.

Not that I had many posts here but if you get a moment could someone link me to my old account?



After this forum update, it seems I’m not able to send private messasges. Every time I try, I get a connection error from the browser, and I’ve tried just about everything I can think of - clearing my web cache, cookies, etc. I’ve even made certain that the link I see in the status bar of the browser is the correct link, and it certainly looks like it is.

Edit: Oh yes, forgot to mention that I’ve tested it with both Subsilver 2 and Prosilver; both error out on me.

Just tried to PM you and I get the same error.

hello, I’ve posted with the same name, but not that much. Don’t bother linking them back, unless it’s really quick and easy to do it. (ex :

For my part I don’t see any difference of loading between the two themes…

farvardin and rotter, you should be linked in now.

For posterity, here’s the SQL I’m running to link in all the old posts:

To determine the user’s number and color:

select user_id, user_colour from phpbb3_users where username="someusername";

Usually, the color is blank unless you’re admin or a moderator or something. I think I’ve handled all of that, otherwise you’d need to adjust the below queries to update the user’s color too. Anyway, to link in the old posts based on the user_id found (change 64 to whatever the real user_id is) and the original username of those old posts:

update phpbb3_forums set forum_last_poster_id=64 where forum_last_poster_name="someusername"; update phpbb3_topics set topic_poster=64 where topic_first_poster_name="someusername"; update phpbb3_topics set topic_last_poster_id=64 where topic_last_poster_name="someusername"; update phpbb3_posts set poster_id=64 where post_username="someusername"; update phpbb3_users set user_posts = (select count(*) from phpbb3_posts where poster_id = phpbb3_users.user_id) where user_id=64;
That seems to do the trick. For users that don’t match, though, I’ve been running an initial step to make the username in old posts match the new username (before linking the posts):

update phpbb3_forums set forum_last_poster_name="new_username" where forum_last_poster_name="old_username"; update phpbb3_topics set topic_first_poster_name="new_username" where topic_first_poster_name="old_username"; update phpbb3_topics set topic_last_poster_name="new_username" where topic_last_poster_name="old_username"; update phpbb3_posts set post_username="new_username" where post_username="old_username";
Strangely, all the username fields are case-sensitive, so “Username” isn’t the same as “username.” Anyway, if anybody cares, that’s what I’m doing to link in posts. :slight_smile:

As for the PM issue, I’ll check the server log and see if anything shows up. I don’t know what would be going on there yet.

This is the error from the logs (sanitized for path/ip/id/security info). Incidentally, I upgraded from a 2.0.22 PHPBB for another of my sites to 3.0.0 this weekend, and I’m not having this issue with private messages:

b[/b] The answer is here: … &p=3373999

It should be working okay now.

Nicely done! :slight_smile:

So far, that’s everything I’m aware of… except for the bbcode issue for existing posts (where I have to edit and re-save posts that show bbcode instead of the style it represents). Other than that, I think we’re in good shape! And now we can keep current with new releases, etc.

I’ve done a ton of this by now. In the Playing category, I’ve the Competitions forum left, and then everything in the Authoring category. The rest should be cleaned by now (and if I’ve missed a few messages, then I’ve missed a few messages).

Oh, cool. I’d only done a few of them, and mostly they were my own. Thanks!

All messages should be cleaned now; if you spot any that aren’t, please let us know (preferably providing a link to the offending post).

I’ve just registered again. Could you link me to my old account, please?

Same username as before? Yeah, I can do that this weekend.

Apparently, it was never done. It’s not very important, I know! But if it’s not difficult to do, I’d still like it.

It should be okay now. I think it wasn’t done before because I was waiting to find out if your username was the same (I could have just looked, but it seems like there was a lot going on at the time).

It seems to work. Thank you!