Hyperlinks on 10.1.2?

Hi. I’ve been away from IF for ages and thought I’d try some Inform 10.
But I’m a bit confused by the state of the 10.1 vs development branches for extensions.

I installed the 10.1.2 release

I installed all the 10.1 extensions (and then merged in the bundled extensions - is there a reason they are not on github?).

I was looking for any extension that provides clickable hyperlinks but there doesn’t seem to be any in the 10.1 branch, and I couldn’t find any in the development branch that work. Is there a way to get it working that I didn’t find?

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All the Glk extensions are not quite ready for Inform 10. Some of the most important ones are being incorporated into the core of Inform itself, which should be in the next Inform release. And after that hopefully it won’t take much time to bring the rest up to date. For now, if you need Glk features it’s probably best to stay on 6M62.

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My Simple Multimedia Effects extension should allow the hyperlinks to work just fine in 10.1. It needs a version of Glulx Entry Points from before the restructuring but you can find that here:


Uh-huh. Ok, that does compile. The Glulx Entry Points 10.0.150101 does work (but the download link in the Inform IDE does not work - I copied it from the post you linked to above, and added the missing line “Glulx Entry Points ends here.”

Now the only problem is that your Simple Multimedia Effects extension has absolutely no documentation or examples at all, so I don’t know how to use it…

Oh wait, it’s like in that Bisquixe stuff… this works.

"hyperlinks" by Peter Orme

Include Simple Multimedia Effects For V10 by Mathbrush.

Example Location is a room. 

when play begins: hyperlink "look at yourself!" as "examine me"
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Yeah, I was about to link this:

Bisquixe is mostly a temporary measure. It works, almost everything it does is either now available for regular Parchment games or “coming soon”, so once those development plans are finished it won’t really be needed any more. But it can help for people during that time period (which could be anything from months to years).