The Bisquixe interpreter for Inform 7 and Inform 10 styling (new:full sound, internal links)

Excited to try this out. I get this error with a minimal story. I’m using Inform 10.1.2.

In Book 2 - Links, Section 1 - Initiation of links in the extension Simple Multimedia Effects by Mathbrush:

Problem. You wrote ‘Include (- [ VM_KeyChar win nostat done res […] “^”; #endif; ! ECHO_COMMANDS ]; -) instead of “Keyboard Input” in “Glulx.i6t”’ [](source:C:\Users\bjbes\OneDrive\Documents\Inform\Extensions\Mathbrush\Simple Multimedia Effects.i7x#line95): but this syntax was withdrawn in April 2022, in favour of a more finely controlled inclusion command. See the manual, but you can probably get what you want using ‘replacing “SomeFunctionName”.’ rather than ‘instead of …’.

See the manual: 27.26 > 27.26. Overriding definitions in kits

I see that your text message example uses 6M62, so I imagine that’s the difference.

But here’s my code, just for completeness:

"Bisquixe Tests" by "B.J. Best"

Release along with a "Bisquixe" interpreter.
Release along with a "Bisquixe" website.

Include Simple Multimedia Effects by Mathbrush.

Lab is a room.

Edit: I then tried this in 6M62, but then had a different error with the version number of Glulx Entry Points, which I just installed. (I’m not sure if that extension has been updated for I10, thus rendering it incompatible with I7?) I hacked a valid version number into that extension, and then I got a few more I6-related errors within that extension. So I’m not sure what’s going on there.