Hugor 3.0 released


The Linux AppImages should be compatible with any Linux distribution that’s at least as recent as Ubuntu 16.04. If you don’t like AppImages and prefer raw binaries, you can extract the AppImage with:

./Hugor.AppImage --appimage-extract

This will extract all files into the squashfs-root directory.

The normal macOS version requires at least macOS 10.13 or newer. The legacy version supports macOS as old as 10.9 (Mavericks), and should only be used if you’re using macOS 10.9 to 10.12.

The Windows version requires Windows 7 or newer.

Changes since 2.2:

  • Fixed a potential crash when parsing inputs containing compounds (like GET OUT OF BED.)

  • Fixed a potential crash when the game sets an application window title that is too long.

  • Games with video no longer result in the audio device being opened a second time and showing up as coming from a different application in the operating system’s sound mixer UI.

  • The correct version is now reported when games query it through the GET_VERSION opcode.

  • LibVLC is now the only video backend. The GStreamer backend has been removed.

  • A relatively modern compiler with C++17 support is now required to build Hugor. GCC 5.4 (shipped by Ubuntu 16.04) is the oldest GCC version that is verified to still work.

  • It is now possible to bundle custom fonts when distributing a game together with the interpreter. See the example.cfg file for more information.

  • Fixed various issues when reading cfg override files. The file is now assumed to be UTF-8 encoded. Entries are now case-insensitive. Entries containing commas are now parsed correctly.


Will this install on an RPi 4 (ARM 64 bit)?

Thank you.

The Linux binaries are for x86/x86-64. I don’t know if it will work on ARM if you build from source. I don’t have an ARM machine. You can just try and see if it works. The dependencies you need to build are documented in the readme file.

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the Linux/x64 works perfectly here.

(aside that is still disagreeing with gargoyle hugo under the Scroll of Style… later on this point, I’m mulling about releasing this compiler/'terp debug source, whose is of hard classification under the directory structure of the IF archive)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

I searched the forum for “Scroll of Style” and only found one other post where it’s mentioned with not much information about it.

yea, it’s one of my debug tools, if you have found the reference, you have also found the Inform 7/10 version.

Of course, is implemented on every engine having styles, and is why i’m mulling about releasing those, being basically the skeletons with said scroll in the player’s inventory.

by its nature, I think is useful to every 'terp developer, and tomorrow (I’m cleaning my house… and cleaning a bachelor coder/hacker’s house is indeed a legitimate IF in its own…) i’ll post the hugo version here.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

As promised yesterday, here is the snippet of the Scroll of Style for Hugo:

object scroll "Scroll of Style"
 in you
 nouns "scroll"
 long_desc {"The almight Scroll of Style: reading it reveals how the world 
	handle character styles.\n\n
	In this world, the styles are\n
	the \B Boldface\b,\n
    the \I Italic\i, \n
	the \U Underline\u, \n
	and the \P Proportional\p. \n
	That's all, folks !"}
 is readable

if you test with the other hugo 'terps (in this Linux box I have three for hugo: hugor, gargoyle hugo and he), the differences in rendering between the three 'terps is evident.
Specifically, on this Linux box only your 'terp respect the specs, when gargoyle hugo renders underline as italic (hence “disagrees”), and surprisingly don’t change the proportional; OTOH, he renders italic as reverse, and don’t change the proportional (but the latter probably is because is a console-based 'terp…)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Glk doesn’t support underline stylehints, so that will be the same for all Glk-based Hugo terps (Parchment, Lectrote, Spatterlight).


Thanks of the clarification, Dannii :slight_smile:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

I built an arm64 version. I don’t have a way to test it though. Can you give it a spin and see if it works? I’ve uploaded it here:

If you have Future Boy, I’m interested to hear if video works. If it runs OK, I’ll upload it to the github download page. The demo of the game also has video, which you can download here:

Load game/future.hex.

(The build was created on Circle CI using the official arm64v8 docker image of Ubuntu 16.04. I believe this means it should run on RPi.)

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Very nice! It is late tonight. I will see how it works out tomorrow and post back here.

Thank you very much.


I played with fuse and did get Hugor to work and played Future Boy.

Very nice! Great graphics. Now to play.

Thank you!

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Thanks for testing. I’ve put it on the github download page.

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Thank you again.

Added an arm32v7 (aka “armhf”) build as well to the release download page. Hope it works… I believe The RPi 3 can run that (if the installed OS is recent enough to be compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 binaries.)

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