How do you like the sound of... ?


I’ve been goofing around with some … I think you can call it procedural generation? It’s not the the scale that No Man’s Sky would bring but…

I’m looking for people to check out some of the results and give me feedback on what does and doesn’t work together.
Any advice on what I could add would also be appreciated!

Okay, here goes![rant]Mr. David Alvarez lives in East Heathshore on Neo Wellmis in the Phi Domus sector.
Mr. Colten Briggs lives in South Heathfield on Wardregnus in the Kappa Nero sector.
Mr. Brendan Bowman lives in Middlemill on the Colonial Plutocracy of Mategasus in the Delta Vance sector.
Mr. Zachariah Atkins lives in Vin Hill on the Matriarchal Society of Theroch Omni in the Pi Bonus sector.
Ms. Nina Lindsey lives in Northney on New Ridegno in the Kappa Pacifica sector.
Ms. Lailah Webb lives in Burnside on the Imperial Republic of Carni in the Psi Senis sector.
Mr. Ahmad Branch lives in Southeast Highforge on Junari Prime in the Tau Canis sector.
Mr. Steven Gordon lives in Eastshore on the People’s Matriarchy of Wardsia in the Iota Magnifica sector.
Ms. Rowan Marshall lives in Wormere on Gredon in the Gamma Adonis sector.
Ms. Melanie Barrett lives in Downport on Gaegnus Prime in the Lambda Pacifica sector.
Ms. Amiya Anderson lives in South Wellfield on Gaera in the Rho Bellator sector.
Mr. Jake Kennedy lives in Yronmunster on Tersia in the Kappa Malus nebula.
Mr. Andrew Burns lives in Northeast Longwedge on the Fraternal Plutocracy of Alngasia in the Kappa Imperator sector.
Mr. Ayden Gillespie lives in Glasschester on the Pious Sisterhood of Kinley in the Upsilon Senis nebula.
Ms. Tenley Mccoy lives in Northwest Upland on Jognus Omni in the Rho Iuvenis sector.
Ms. Giuliana Soto lives in Longmunster on Berkgagate in the Alpha Gregasus nebula.
Ms. Hope Holmes lives in Old Arkford on Ragnadonia in the Theta Iuvenis sector.
Ms. Clare Dillon lives in Queensham on Kinrra in the Beta Magnus sector.
Ms. Karsyn Elliott lives in Arkburg on Wellsus in the Pi Belgica sector.
Mr. Simon Watson lives in Kingsley on the United Society of Wardtane in the Phi Gregasus sector.
Ms. Bethany Bruce lives in South Hollymore on Carlymis in the Mu Nero sector.
Ms. Luna Jimenez lives in Hollyvale on Carmere in the Kappa Vance sector.
Ms. Kennedy Price lives in North Dourgate on Shausia in the Delta Magnifica sector.
Mr. Eric Pennington lives in Kingsong on Mutamore Omni in the Upsilon Senis sector.
Ms. Alexandra King lives in Glassnesse on Seguvale in the Beta Bonus sector.
Mr. Clyde Daniels lives in Downwick on Wellham in the Kappa Gregasus sector.
Mr. Keegan Perez lives in Kings Hollow on Neo Banyopseph in the Beta Vance sector.
Mr. Benjamin Flores lives in North Vingate on Tetrgate in the Alpha Senis sector.
Mr. Kyle Crosby lives in Yronstone on the Sororal State of Berkmont in the Beta Bellator sector.
Ms. Arianna Palmer lives in Haynmere on Arklia in the Omicron Nero sector.
Mr. Issac Riddle lives in Bellton on Siregnus in the Theta Bellator sector.
Ms. Marilyn Macias lives in South Wormore on Tetrgadonia in the Phi Magnus nebula.
Mr. Alan Savage lives in Haynton on Maceumnia in the Kappa Belgica sector.
Mr. Adam Mckenzie lives in Wormill on Ragnatus in the Omicron Magnifica sector.
Mr. Nolan Palmer lives in South Abbeyside on Arton in the Kappa Bellator sector.
Ms. Kelly Kennedy lives in Kingsong on the Patriarchal Federation of Neo Sinara in the Nu Vance sector.
Mr. Casen Bradford lives in Yrondon on Neo Gaeley in the Sigma Bonus sector.
Ms. Joanna Meyers lives in Upyard on the Impartial Syndicate of Mutagno in the Mu Imperator sector.
Ms. Adriana Reynolds lives in South New Neermouth on Neo Therra in the Sigma Pacifica sector.
Ms. Adrianna Hartman lives in East Breezeney on the Holy Alliance of New Pireni in the Omicron Vance nebula.
Mr. Miguel Nolan lives in Heath Hill on Gallimore in the Tau Pacifica sector.
Mr. Kameron Lamb lives in Queens Hollow on Neersa Omni in the Nu Imperator sector.
Ms. Tessa Ayers lives in Hollydon on Alndon in the Psi Nero sector.
Ms. Madeleine Glover lives in Vinville on Therasus IV in the Chi Bonus nebula.
Mr. Jayden Pitts lives in Worchester on Rhogorgno in the Beta Gregasus sector.
Ms. Sabrina Hicks lives in Bellshore on the Cooperative Solidarity of Arknesse in the Iota Malus sector.
Mr. Ayden Benson lives in East Miremouth on Monyoptane Omni in the Eta Primus sector.
Mr. Gordon Holt lives in West Grove on Caraseph in the Xi Iuvenis sector.
Mr. Miles Watts lives in Kingsmunster on Joechelle in the Rho Iuvenis nebula.
Mr. Nathanael Lee lives in South Worborough on the Patriarchal Plutocracy of Shirtane in the Nu Malus sector.
Ms. Ellie Valdez lives in Mireditch on the Supreme Republic of Arkra in the Kappa Canis sector.
Mr. Omar Garrison lives in Neerton on Joedoton in the Kappa Vance sector.
Ms. Sienna Sanders lives in Queensbourne on Dewnarun in the Zeta Pacifica sector.
Ms. Aurora Perry lives in East Middleland on Mongno Vega in the Lambda Magnifica sector.
Ms. Millie Rios lives in Vindon on Siyopsia in the Sigma Nero sector.
Mr. Cooper Barrett lives in South Yronley on the Sororal Solidarity of Kinroch in the Theta Primus sector.
Mr. Jesse Ryan lives in Norley on Silyster Omni in the Nu Primus sector.
Ms. Alivia Duffy lives in Neershore on Arvale in the Tau Malus sector.
Ms. Mia Hines lives in Heath Hollow on Tetdon Omni in the Mu Senis sector.
Mr. Dane Mccarthy lives in Vin Grove on Neo Dewyopmere in the Rho Canis sector.
Mr. Tristan Nelson lives in South Dewfield on Moni in the Xi Belgica sector.
Mr. Marshall Jimenez lives in Downdon on the Holy Directorate of Mutareser in the Delta Senis sector.
Ms. Makenna Walters lives in Southeast Mire Grove on Banchelle in the Upsilon Domus sector.
Ms. Joanna Stanton lives in Monsong on Raston in the Gamma Belgica sector.
Mr. Jayce Glenn lives in Glassyard on Neo Gaeyopdonia in the Omicron Adonis sector.
Ms. Marina Hoffman lives in Rother End on the Collected Syndicate of Mamore in the Nu Nero sector.
Ms. Karla Roach lives in Monham on the Cooperative Society of Alnroch in the Phi Canis sector.
Ms. Cassidy Ball lives in Hollyshore on Vinlyser Omni in the Rho Magnifica sector.
Ms. Alessandra Conway lives in North Dewglen on the Pious State of Ramis in the Chi Canis sector.
Mr. Moises Poole lives in West Abbeywick on Joreseph in the Epsilon Nero sector.
Mr. Nolan Farmer lives in Miredon on the Holy Republic of Teramore in the Sigma Bellator sector.
Mr. Jax Leach lives in Southforge on Mategavale in the Iota Canis sector.
Mr. Braylon Stein lives in Breeze Hollow on Mutalia in the Delta Bonus sector.
Mr. Omari Stevenson lives in Arkglen on the People’s Plutocracy of New Remore in the Nu Bonus sector.
Ms. Elise Allen lives in South Mireston on Wortane Vega in the Phi Magnus sector.
Mr. Oscar Rodgers lives in Mire Grove on Neersus in the Psi Canis sector.
Ms. Charlotte Delgado lives in Northney on Remugate III in the Phi Belgica sector.
Mr. Dominic Terry lives in Wellrow on Vintus in the Alpha Malus sector.
Mr. Eric Richardson lives in Alnster on the Colonial Federation of Banravale in the Epsilon Malus sector.
Mr. Orion Mcgee lives in West Dewglen on Theyopri Vega in the Upsilon Domus sector.
Mr. Chase Pitts lives in Vinesse on Shiresloid Vega in the Alpha Iuvenis nebula.
Ms. Zoey Knight lives in Glasswitch on the Fraternal Monarchy of Bardham in the Pi Senis sector.
Ms. Parker Whitehead lives in South Kingsrun on the Reclusive Syndicate of Kinris in the Mu Iuvenis sector.
Ms. Elliana Mccoy lives in Southrun on Neo Wardsus in the Alpha Gregasus sector.
Mr. Zackary Welch lives in Longate on the Colonial Brotherhood of Monra in the Alpha Iuvenis nebula.
Ms. Brenna Ellis lives in Abbeymill on Neo Shaudemore in the Mu Magnifica sector.
Mr. Jordan Mcmillan lives in Westsley on the Pious Monarchy of Rhoseph in the Beta Magnus sector.
Mr. Ari Mcclain lives in Uphill on Maroch in the Lambda Gregasus sector.
Mr. Myles Knight lives in East Queens Mill on Galdesley in the Theta Pacifica sector.
Mr. Allen Cross lives in Rotherforge on Mutaseph in the Beta Canis sector.
Ms. Blake Turner lives in Highstone on the Open Federation of Alndegate in the Alpha Domus sector.
Mr. Neymar Alvarado lives in Eastley on Therarau in the Upsilon Malus sector.
Mr. Leonardo White lives in Vinsong on Neo Riris in the Rho Belgica sector.
Mr. Caden Watkins lives in Longlen on Neo Ragnagormus in the Zeta Gregasus sector.
Mr. Titus Stephenson lives in Northeast Highley on Gretane in the Upsilon Adonis sector.
Mr. Gregory Fernandez lives in Wellmunster on Joeumton in the Xi Vance sector.
Mr. Garrett Herrera lives in Westnesse on Tetrley in the Epsilon Pacifica sector.
Mr. Johnathan Cunningham lives in Burnsglen on Alnmura in the Mu Malus sector.
Mr. Dylan Potter lives in Heathrow on Joeyopris in the Alpha Magnus sector.
Mr. Corey Anthony lives in Burnsville on Wardsus in the Chi Vance sector.[/rant]If I didn’t lose count that should be 100.

Anything that looks awful? Anything that you could help me improve?

Let me know - and thanks in advance!

After my game has come out I’ll be releasing all the procedural generation stuff (but not the story code) into the wild.

At a glance it looks like there’s an awful lot of Misters, but it turns out it’s 57 Mr to 43 Ms. That’s allright.

Any reason (apart from the obvious “it’s easier this way”) that you have Ms but not Miss or Mrs?

Otherwise, I see nothing here to fault. With this sort of text generation there isn’t much that can go terribly awry. It’s not like Elite and one of its iterations that procedurally generated a planet called “Arse”…

One thing I noticed is that the “Mc” names have only the first letter capitalized, whereas in real life I’ve seen those names usually have the letter after “Mc” capitalized as well (“McCarthy” rather than “Mccarthy,” for instance).

FYI, submissions for ProcJam are open through a week from tomorrow:

This is cool! I had the same thoughts as bg and tove–“The ‘Mc’ names should have another capital letter” and “ProcJam time!” But also, cool.

…I guess another thing is that there don’t seem to be many African or Asian last names, and also I usually see it spelled “Jonathan” although your way is also sometimes done.

There are three lists:

  • 1000 most common USA male names
  • 1000 most common USA female names
  • 1000 most common USA last names
    I used them without editing, so all the capitalization is from that list. If they messed up, liek omg sorri. But yeah, I’ll fix it. UPDATE: I fixed it. … It’s McIntyre and McGee and McCoy, right?

It won’t be done nearly in time.

Blame the USA - their cencus’ where I got the lists.

Because I haven’t bothered yet checking out the percentages on married/unmarried to dick around with that sort of likelyhood… yet. It’ll all be connected so nothing ahead of its turn or it’ll all get chaotic and clumpy.