How do I publish my IF to the web with parchment?

Hello all,

I’m writing an IF for a project for college and am trying to figure out how to share it with my professor.

I’d like to have it playable in-browser, like the parchment games. Is there anyway to do this without buying a url? Any free sites that would support an IF with interpreter file?

I’m using Inform 7.

Thanks for the help! I need it.

You should get a free dropbox account. That’s the easy way to host something you want to share privately or semi-privately. (The following link will set you up and credit me with some extra space for referring you:)

Even if you don’t use my link, get a dropbox. It’s incredibly useful. It works really well if you have it set up a sync folder on your computer, which you can move stuff into and sync to dropbox.

You need to “release along with a website and an interpreter” in the source in Inform. Preferably also include “release along with cover art” and put your cover.jpg and smallcover.jpg images in your materials folder so it will implement them.

Publish the game in inform, and find your release folder. Move (or copy) the entire release folder into the “public” folder of your dropbox.

Navigate to your dropbox, then to the public folder and to your release folder you put there. Right click “index.html”. It should give you the option to “copy public link” which you can paste into an email or an IM to your professor and anyone else to lead them there. (If you think they won’t understand the home page, link them to “play.html” which runs the game automatically.)
Screenshot 2015-11-29 16.20.47.png

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