How can I use Inform in Architecture ?

Hi everyone
I’m new to the app and I would like to ask some questions about using the app to get benefit of it in Architectural wise.
How can I use it ?

Hi! Welcome aboard!

Could you be more specific - what kinds of things are you trying to accomplish with Inform?

Actually I didn’t get the full idea behind Inform, and I’m an architect and I think this app intersting.

I suppose the simulationist aspect of I7 may be of some use… but to be honest, I’m not at all sure where Inform can help you with actual architecture. You’d have tons of work adapting the measurements and properties of objects you wanted to see simulated, and then maybe you’d have a framework in which you could pit together different materials in the different architecty positions and objects that you use, but it sounds like far too much trouble, considering there has to be a better tool out there, especially for this purpose.

You could “model” a house or a series of rooms, allowing players to walk through it and look at things, but your model would consist entirely of descriptive prose – the experience of “walking through” your floorplan would be sort of like reading a particularly detailed real estate listing. There’s no way to meaningfully model accurate measurements and material properties. (Well, actually you can do that, but a) it’s a lot of trouble, and b) once you do, there’s still no way to communicate those details to the player except through descriptive prose.)