Hints for Monster Rally (1983)

Taking advantage of the topic [Monster Rally - An Obscure 1983 DOS Parser Game Uploaded], I’m offering a hints file here for those that wish to try their hand at the game.


Q: Is there anything of relevance in the ship?
A: Yes, a LOAD of things, in fact.

Q: Can I do anything with the barrel of wine?
A: You need to contain your impatience.

Q: Can I enter the south cell in the police station?
A: There is a way, but you don’t want to do that.

Q: Why have I been told I’d regret going to some place?
A: You have to be slow before you go quick.

Q: Where can I dig?
A: Wherever you can; there are exactly two places.

Q: Who is Igor?
A: The one that threw an axe at you.

Q: How can I see in the dark?
A: Make friends with a cat? Sorry, just joking. There is a lamp somewhere.

Q: How do I deal with the mummy?
A: You’ll have to learn how. Read up on that.

Q: My brooch was stolen! What did I do wrong?
A: Nothing. You don’t get mad, you get even.

Q: The girl in the farm is preventing me from exploring there.
A: A sweet distraction, maybe?

Q: How can I get past the wolf?
A: Are you sure it is a wolf? Is that assumption bulletproof?

Q: I have been robbed of my valuables!
A: Excellent. You are making progress.

Q: The bookcase is a bit fishy.
A: And incomplete, if you look closely.

Q: Who is Montresor?
A: You may want to brush up on your Poe.

Q: OK, now I know my Poe. How does that help me?
A: At least two elements from that tale are against the wall.

Q: How do I pass the monster in the Jagged Cavern?
A: You don’t; not from this side at least.

Q: How do I pass the monster in the Windmill?
A: Offer a tune that’s not quite silver.

Q: How do I get rid of the golems?
A: Igor will help. In fact he already has.

Q: Can I reach the other balcony in the Castle?
A: There is a way, but you need to be charming.

Q: How do I open the doors in the forest wall?
A: Keys have more than one use, you know.

Q: How can I use the gong?
A: Not with your bare hands.

Q: I have been put in jail. How do I escape?
A: Take any advice literally.

Q: I have escaped jail. How do I get back my weapon?
A: Wrong question. You had the wrong target!

Q: I now have a flattened bullet. How do I reshape it?
A: You don’t need to. That was single use only.

Q: My lamp is getting dim. Are there any batteries?
A: There are, for all the good they will do. Remember Colossal Cave.

Q: But it takes a lot of moves to go everywhere, how can I save turns?
A: You should always follow police directions.

Q: Can I reanimate the corpse?
A: Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a necromancer!

Q: Can I prevent the gorilla from smashing me to a pulp?
A: A pity; had you been Fay Wray, he would have swept you off your feet.

Q: How do I get past the slug in the pits?
A: You can get green while you try.

Q: How do I get out of the pits?
A: Another one bites the dust.

Q: Can I play the organ?
A: Pardon the pun, but you need a praylist.

Q: How do I get back the treasures stolen in the dark?
A: To move stone with tone, sing your praise where faith is shown.

Q: I’m missing a treasure, where is it?
A: Probably you did find it, but didn’t know it was.

Q: The ship sailed, am I stuck?
A: Aye aye, cap’n.

Q: How do I get the Last Lousy Point?
A: Finish the game first, but beware the coast.