Help with Dessert Island Adventure

I’m stuck at about 7 points. Here are the ingredients I have so far:

a red chrysanthemum cookie
a mason jar full of strawberry jam
a sugar plum
a cinnamon stick
an orange jelly bean
a smoutebol
some bubbleberries

My current paths forward are:

The vending machine and the portal.

I thought I could shrink the salver with SEHILI to make a coin for the vending machine but cannot. For the portal, I made a list of spell colors and tried pointing all spells colored ROYGBIV at it, but both yellow spells (HIKI and HILI) don’t allow pointing at the portal.

I also found a way to the sea but nothing to do there. Any suggestions on the next step?

Transcript (I can’t upload the html so I copied and pasted into tx)
transcripttime.txt (54.6 KB)


You can break the spells down into component syllables. Think about what each one works on. For instance: BA is for crystal, and the portal is made of crystal. The salver is made of silver, so find the syllable that works on silver (you’re on the right track). You need to construct some spells from the pieces.


Thanks for the transcript!

In addition to what Amanda said about how magic spells work, you shouldn’t miss the trees for the forest as there are a few ingredients you don’t need magic for that are hidden more or less in plain sight.

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I’m not sure if there is a way to clean objects? If yes, any push in the right direction is welcomed.

Hint(s) for Brian for one missing item…


but you can’t take it with hands

find container for it

in lighthouse


Ohh, that would have been a cool idea. But sorry, no there isn’t, that’s a dead end.


Thanks to everyone’s help, I’ve found the following:

  • a sponge cake
  • a black marshmallow
  • some pop rocks
  • a chocolate egg

I was playing on my work computer during lunch, so I’ll have to stop there till next week. Thanks for the help!

For future direction:

I have a spoon I can shrink and grow but don’t know much else. I can’t interact with the crab shells (can’t take them) and didn’t find the actual carcinization spell. I don’t know how to make the ice cream or crushed cookies palatable (I thought of using BANA to melt cream but didn’t seem to work).


As obviously a good idea as it is in hindsight, I didn’t add a way to make the crushed cookies nor the ice cream palatable. :frowning: They’re just decoration. Likewise, everything but the marshmallow in Warivald’s lair is just there for flavor.
The big spoon on the other hand will come in handy.

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I haven’t found anything that works on silver. Care to offer a hint?

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there are two different specimens of one type of objects - one is made of silver, one of another material

one of magic words is for general type of that object, the other is for specific, silver made specimen

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Look at the lighthouse door.


Okay, I get it now. I had no idea that you could create your own spells until I saw your reply to Brian’s original post. How did you work that out?

When I tested it, it was done in quite a hurry. I only found 6 of the 16 ingredients and had run out of ideas. Now I might be able to make further progress.

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I’m at 15/16 right now and not sure how to proceed.

The last one I’m on I’m sure involves digging with the spoon, and the only place possible seems the desert but doesn’t yield any results- would love a hint!

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There’s another sandy place to dig.

The beach

Be sure you have a big spoon.

Say hipe to expand the spoon.

I am struggling with this game. I have found 6 prefixes for spells. I suspect that I am missing one that causes the spatula to glow blue.

I have found 6 suffixes for spells. Am I missing any?

I think I have found 6 objects that react to spells, although I wasn’t taking careful notes on this.

Here are my specific questions:

  1. How do I cross the lake to get to the floating island?

  2. Where do I find fresh water to water the bubbleberry plant?

  3. How do I cool the strawberry jam?

  4. How do I open the crystal portal? (I suspect this needs the blue spell so that I have all the colours of the rainbow, but I have no idea how to apply the spells yet.)

I have found 9 ingredients. I suspect I can find 2 more once I’ve solved 2 and 3 above. I am aware of 2 more from the previous discussions. That means there are still 3 that I have no idea about.

Any help would be appreciated, as this is the only TALP game that I haven’t been able to finish.


Overall hint: There are 3 parts to the spells: prefixes, middle parts, and suffixes. Look at what each part does.

RE the lake and the water: There is a prefix that reverses spells. I can’t remember which one it is, but you also have a spell that turns water into cream. So reverse that spell. Then you can swim to the island AND collect fresh water.

RE the jam: I think you use the same reverse prefix for the heating spell.

RE the portal: There’s part of a spell that works on crystal.


Thanks Amanda. I think that will be enough to get me going.

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I am back on the dessert island. Geez, this game is hard. I still have no idea how you worked out the spell naming. I believe I have worked out every combination of syllables to get all the spells (48 spells in eight colours).

Anyway, I have answered my previous 4 questions, have found every location in Andrew Schultz’s map (in another thread) and I now have 13 of the 16 ingredients. I have found a number of useless items that feel like they shouldn’t be useless, so I’m obviously missing something somewhere. I can’t even think what questions to ask to get more hints.

Here are the ingredients that I’ve found:

  • Black marshmallow
  • Bubbleberries
  • Chocolate coin
  • Chocolate egg
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Creme patissiere
  • Orange jelly bean
  • Pop rocks
  • Red chrysanthemum cookie
  • Smoutebol
  • Sponge cake
  • Strawberry jam
  • Sugar plum

The only food-related items that I can find are the gingerbread/oak door and the crab shells. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for playing and sorry for the frustrating experience*, hints then the solution for the missing items:

Ingredient 1:

You’ll need to temporarily discard an ingredient you have to find it.

Either the crème pâtissière or the strawberry jam to be specific.

Notice what happens when you try casting spells on the ocean.

Fill a jar with seawater from the beach then cast the pastryfy liquid (cana) spell on it.

Ingredients 2 and 3:
The last two ingredients are found together, you don’t need to use magic to find them.

The narrator is slightly unreliable, there are two similar items in the game one of which makes a sweeping general statement that doesn’t seem to apply to the second one but actually does.

Pieces of furniture.

Note the description of the desk in the cottage, contrast with the desk in the lighthouse.

The desk in the lighthouse has an implicit drawer.

*I’ll try to write a postmortem next week when I get back to my computer.

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Thank you. This game has been extremely educational. Of all the ingredients, I hadn’t heard of half of them. I recognised the names of some, but had never seen them. I could guess at others. I assumed these were all fictitious, but I’ve just been doing a bit of Googling and found that they are all real. Strewth.

Thanks for an interesting game. I was really impressed with your engine and would like to know more about it when you get a chance. Have you made it public?