Having trouble with Guncho

I’ve been trying to get Guncho working for a few weeks now. Finally ended up tracking down an old operating system with the correct version of Mono, thinking that would solve the problem. It did not. Latest attempt to compile returned 141 errors. Can anyone help me out?

I was messing around with Guncho myself a little while ago, so I know a little bit, but not much!

Guncho uses an older version of Inform than the current one, (version 5T18) so make sure that you’re using the reference docs for that version.

The Guncho help wiki seems to be permanently down, but I’ve put up a new realm on Guncho, called “Guncho helpworld” with all of the wiki contents I could find.

I’ve left the code for that realm public so that other people can not only read the source code, (so they don’t have to use a MUD client to get the info) but (hopefully) amend and extend it as they discover things I got wrong or want to add new material.

Don’t be put off by the large number of errors you’re getting at the moment: don’t forget that with any compiler the first time it hits something it doesn’t understand it throws the compiling process out of whack and often reports perfectly good code following the error as being problematic.

As for your code, I can only suggest using an incremental approach.

Put in only the things that use the most basic aspects of I7 (like rooms and their connections, say, that are the least likely to change between library versions) and see if that compiles. Then slowly add the more demanding/esoteric/modern code.

Good luck!


Thank you!

I did track down the 5T18 files, and I saw mention of your helpworld somewhere, but I’ve just been reading the wiki via the Wayback Machine.

I haven’t tried I7 code yet. The issue I’m having is compiling Guncho itself. Like I downloaded the Guncho sourse, and ran “make” and that’s what gave me 141 errors–once I tracked down an older version of Mono, because running it with a more recent Mono gave me even more trouble than that.

Do you have any tips on getting the source to run? I usually use Linux, but can probably do Windows if I need to.

Ah, I think we might be talking about different things.

I didn’t try to compile Guncho itself: I was just trying to write a game to run on it, (a “realm”) hosted on the Guncho facility.

I’ve just been using the desktop version of Inform 7, and intend to convert it to 5T18 once I’ve got the standalone (solo) version working.

I use Linux too (Linux Mint.) I’ve found the desktop version of the I7 IDE’s pretty good: it includes a compiler and a means of playing the WIP right in it, you see.

One of the regulars on here (@interactivefiction) has made a .deb that works around a problematic libray dependency: you can download it here. Here’s the thread discussing it.

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Thank you! That’ll definitely come in handy. I’m always tempted to switch back to Windows for the IDE, but then I get all frustrated because Windows.

I’m ultimately looking for an environment I can use to train bots though, so I think I’ll end up putting a lot of strain on the Guncho server. That’s why I’d ideally like to host it myself.

Well, don’t forget that all the behavioral code will be written in Inform 7 – that’s the language that Guncho uses to implement the environment (by which I mean rooms and mobiles/bots/npcs). So you can do a lot of useful work code-bashing in the desktop IDE environment. It’s only the actual calls to the server (he says, crossing his fingers and hoping he’s using the language right) you need to have Guncho up and running for.

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